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Quotes for
Milo (Character)
from Pusher (1996)

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I'm the Angel of Death: Pusher III (2005)
Milo: [about Little Mohammed] King Kong of Copenhagen!

Little Mohammed: If you wan't to survive, you have to depend on the new generation.
Milo: New generation? And who might that be?
Little Mohammed: Me! Who else? That's me! The King of Copenhagen!
Milo: King Kong of Copenhagen?
Little Mohammed: That's right. So what are you gonna do? We outnumber you.
Milo: Well, well. Do you know anything about ecstasy?
Little Mohammed: Yeah sure. Why?
Milo: I'm trying out new markets. You know? New generations, new markets.

Milo: What's with the new shirt?
Rexho: You don't like it? It's a Hugo Boss.
Milo: Hugo Boss? I don't think so. "Hugo Bugo" maybe, but not Hugo Boss.

Corrupt Cop: What's up?
Milo: Little Mohammed has something that belongs to me.
Corrupt Cop: I'll look into it. Anything else?
Milo: Nope. But you'll call me when you know something, right?
Corrupt Cop: I'll call.


Rexho: You work for us now.
Milo: I work for nobody.
Rexho: You want me to call Luan? And tell him that you said that?

Radovan: [Milo opens the trunk of his car, with Little Mohammed inside] Who the fuck is that?
Milo: King kong of Copenhagen!
Radovan: Oh, so that's the King, eh?

Radovan: Listen, do you know who I am?
Little Mohammed: No, I don't give a fuck who you are!
Milo: [to Radovan] He shouldn't have said that.

Radovan: [discovering another body] What the fuck? Milo, you said there was only one body. Who's that guy?
Milo: An Albanian.
Radovan: [laughing] Then it's okay.

Milo: [to Little Mohammed] You're fucking me.

Milo: What's up?
Corrupt Cop: [opens the trunk of the police car, with Little Mohammed inside] That's Little Mohammed.
Milo: I can see that. How much do you want for him?

Milo: [at a narcotics anonymous meeting] My name is Milo. I'm a drug addict.

Little Mohammed: You fucking junkie!
Milo: Shut the fuck up! Don't call me a junkie!

Milo: Where is my ecstasy?


Milo: I got a problem.
Radovan: What kind of a problem?
Milo: A big problem.

Milo: [trying to pawn his watch] It's a Bulgari, worth twelve thousand dollars.
Rexho: [to Luan, interpreting] He says it's worth twelve thousand.
Luan: It's a nice watch, but to me, it's worth a thousand dollars.
Milo: [to Luan] Look, it's worth twelve thousand...
Luan: It's worth a thousand to me! Okay?
Milo: Okay, okay. I understand. Okay. Thanks.

Milo: Stomach infection. Stomach ache. Do you understand?
Little Mohammed: Yes, I understand Danish. I am not like you! Do not eat Milo's food.
Milo: What is wrong with my Danish? I speak perfect Dane.
Little Mohammed: Let's say that.

Radovan: Milo, look around you. Look at me. I do not do that any more. Do you understand? It's over with that. For the first time in 20 years I am a happy human being. I wanted to help you. But nobody will ever make me do anything criminal again.
Milo: [after a long silence] Radovan, my friend. I do not have anyone else but you...
Radovan: [after a long silence] Listen to me: I will help you this time. But then you shall never ask of my help again.

Pusher (1996)
Milo: Frank, are you fucking with me?

[repeated line]
Milo: Franke, my friend!

With Blood on My Hands: Pusher II (2004)
Kusse-Kurt: [after flushing some cocain down the toilet] Can I get my money back?
Milo: What?
Kusse-Kurt: Can I get my money back?
Milo: Why?
Kusse-Kurt: It was an accident. Give me back my money!
Milo: Kurt... It was your accident, not mine.