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Quotes for
Jeremy G. Smart (Character)
from Naked (1993)

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Naked (1993)
Jeremy: Hope I haven't given you AIDS, Sophie.
Louise: Jesus Christ.
Sophie: Are you serious?
Jeremy: I was merely jesting.
Louise: Very funny.
Jeremy: I think AIDS is rather healthy in its way.
Louise: You what?
Jeremy: I realise that's not the fashionable thing to say, of course.
Louise: No, it's not.
Jeremy: But the world is over crowded, isn't it? It does need a little pruning.
Sophie: You fuckin' better be joking?

Jeremy: You're very beautiful, aren't you?
Sophie: Am I?
Jeremy: In a quirky sort of way.

Jeremy: You've got wonderful breasts.
Masseuse: Don't you mean "tits"?
Jeremy: Are they both the same size, or is one bigger than the other?
Masseuse: I don't know. D'you want to weigh them?
Jeremy: [waitress pops champagne cork] Is that a proposition?
Masseuse: No, it's a threat... Are you rich?
Jeremy: [messily eating fried chicken] Life is for enjoying.
Masseuse: What about family? Have you got any brothers or sisters?
Jeremy: I try not to remember.
Masseuse: You're sexually frustrated, aren't you?
Jeremy: [chortles and snickers]
Masseuse: What's funny?
Jeremy: Are you a feminist?
Masseuse: No.
Jeremy: Do you like fucking?
Masseuse: Do you like wanking?
Jeremy: Not on my own, no.
Jeremy: [licks his fingers]

Jeremy: Was your tattoo painful?
Sophie: Yeah.
Jeremy: Good.