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Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne (Character)
from "A Different World" (1987)

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"A Different World: Honeymoon in L.A.: Part 1 (#6.1)" (1992)
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: [the Rodney King verdict is aired on a television in a department store. Four white cops are acquitted of beating an unarmed Black man. Several worried people are glued to the set. There is a feeling of outrage among the small throng] How could they acquit them? I mean, it was on tape. Hard evidence.
Ianta: Evidence?
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: Solid!
Ianta: Girl, please. They can beat us, kill us, do whatever they wanna do - and get off - just like they always have.
Ianta: [scoffs]
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: We still have the Constitution to protect us.
Ianta: When that piece of paper was written, African people in this country were slaves - ALL of us. We sisters were considered nothing but bed warmers!
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: But we have our rights now. I mean, they-they're not gonna deny me. I'm an African American.
Ianta: Here, Ms. Lambchop. Stop worrying about integrating and being accepted, and start thinking about building - for yourself, for our people - so that we can provide a *future* for our children.
[thunderous applause is heard on soundtrack]

Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: Oh, don't let me turn street on you!

"A Different World: No Means No (#2.20)" (1989)
Garth Parks: Excuse me, Courtney.
Whitley Gilbert: [furiously] Courtney? It's WHITLEY, you dumb jock!

Coach Walter Oakes: [after Garth's arrest] I can't believe I actually begged that kid to come to school here. I even promised his mama that her little boy will write home every week.
Jaleesa Vinson Taylor: Walter, he had us all fooled.
Whitley Gilbert: Not me. I knew the minute that cad called me Courtney he was a worm.
Kimberly 'Kim' Reese: I am so glad Freddie had the guts to report Garth to the police.
Leticia 'Lettie' Bostic: A lot of girls don't. They think if they were out on a date, somehow they were responsible.
Kimberly 'Kim' Reese: That's probably what kept Tammy from saying anything until now.
Whitley Gilbert: That's it! I'm starting a petition to have that overlook changed into a bird sanctuary!

"A Different World: Save the Best for Last: Part 2 (#5.25)" (1992)
Ronald 'Ron' Johnson: [Ron is fighting off security guards that are trying to stop Dwayne from disrupting the wedding] Let him go, man!
Dwayne Cleophus Wayne: Will you have me, Dwayne, as your lawfully wedded husband, from this day forth, to have and to hold, for richer or poorer... PLEASE, BABY, PLEASE!
Whitley Gilbert: I do!

"A Different World: Love Taps (#5.22)" (1992)
Gina Devereaux: It's not what you think, Whitley. Dion is the sweetest, most romantic guy I've ever gone out with.
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: So I've heard. He's just nervous about the concert.
Gina Devereaux: Well, you know how I am - I'm so self-centered and I'm always running off at the mouth, and you know how I flirt.
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: There's no excuse for what he did to you, Gina. You're much smarter than this.
Gina Devereaux: But he loves me... and I don't want to break up with him.
Gina Devereaux: I just want him to stop.
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: Throwing jabs? You're making a big mistake, Gina, if you think you can change that boy.
Gina Devereaux: Well, I mean, I can try, can't I? Isn't love about sacrifices? I mean, maybe I am being stupid, but I don't even care anymore.
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: I think you do, Gina. I think you do care. I think you're embarrassed about that black eye. Believe me, I know about sacrifices. But I'd rather sacrifice my relationship than my body... or my spirit.
Gina Devereaux: Well... that's easy for you to say. You always got somebody.
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: That's right. And her name is Whitley. Gina, do you really think you need a man that doesn't respect you?
[removes Gina's glasses and holds her chin upwards, so that she is facing Whitley directly]
Gina Devereaux: [as tears stream down her face] I better not miss his call.
[rushes out of the room]