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Coach Walter Oakes (Character)
from "A Different World" (1987)

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"A Different World: No Means No (#2.20)" (1989)
Dwayne Cleophus Wayne: [worried about Freddie going out with Garth] I was just thinking about guys - you know, how we treat women. When you were my age, you did a little hoochie - did a little coochie too?
Coach Walter Oakes: Sorry, did your daddy have this talk with you?
Dwayne Cleophus Wayne: No, Walter. Just try to imagine back then. You and your girl had the house to yourselves, you're in the den on the couch, lights are low, Jeffrey Osborne is telling you that you're going all the way.
Coach Walter Oakes: I've been there.
Dwayne Cleophus Wayne: All of a sudden, things are getting heavy, she calls for timeout.
Coach Walter Oakes: I've been there, too.
Dwayne Cleophus Wayne: Now, you know that her mouth is saying no, but you're sure there are parts of her saying yes - not to mention, the parts of you. What part do you listen to?
Coach Walter Oakes: Her MOUTH. And then you go outside and take a swim in an unheated pool.
Dwayne Cleophus Wayne: So it's not my job to get her off the hook or to help her give it up.
Coach Walter Oakes: [snickers] Man, if you think that's your job, your next job will be pressing license plates.
Dwayne Cleophus Wayne: [in a high voice] Get out of here!
Coach Walter Oakes: Man, what you're talking about is rape!
Dwayne Cleophus Wayne: No, no, Walter, this isn't some wacko in the bushes with a raincoat; this is you and your honey.
Coach Walter Oakes: Now, I don't care, man. After a woman says no and you don't listen, it's rape. Plain and simple, cased closed...
[hits the table]
Coach Walter Oakes: ...10 to 20.
Dwayne Cleophus Wayne: [after a long pause] Oh, man.
Coach Walter Oakes: Now, it's my turn to ask questions. Why are we talking about this?
Dwayne Cleophus Wayne: Well, it's just that... you know, guys need to talk about this stuff, too.

Garth Parks: [after telling Walter a lie] I'm never going out with her again.
Coach Walter Oakes: [thought about what Dwayne told him] Oh, you got that right. You might not be going out for a long time.

Coach Walter Oakes: [after Garth's arrest] I can't believe I actually begged that kid to come to school here. I even promised his mama that her little boy will write home every week.
Jaleesa Vinson Taylor: Walter, he had us all fooled.
Whitley Gilbert: Not me. I knew the minute that cad called me Courtney he was a worm.
Kimberly 'Kim' Reese: I am so glad Freddie had the guts to report Garth to the police.
Leticia 'Lettie' Bostic: A lot of girls don't. They think if they were out on a date, somehow they were responsible.
Kimberly 'Kim' Reese: That's probably what kept Tammy from saying anything until now.
Whitley Gilbert: That's it! I'm starting a petition to have that overlook changed into a bird sanctuary!