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Seaman Nitro 'Mike' (Character)
from Down Periscope (1996)

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Down Periscope (1996)
Lt,. Howard, Chief Engineer: [the string he placed across the hull goes slack] Bet you never saw somethin' like that on one of them big nukes.
[Stepanek shakes his head no]
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Uh... no, we didn't use clothes lines. We had those dryer things with the window in front.

Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Cool! Did we hit an iceberg?
"Sonar" Lovacelli: Off the coast of Virginia?

Lt. Comd. Dodge, Stepanek, "Sonar" Lovacelli, Planesman 1st Class Jefferson 'R.J.' Jackson, Seaman Buckman, Seaman Stanley 'Spots' Sylvesterson, Seaman Nitro 'Mike': [singing] It's a short little walk bound for eternity/ Yo-ho and blow the man down.
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': [Sinatraish] Blow that nutso kooky punk back downtown!

Seaman Buckman: Hey, Nitro, isnt't that one of my chickens?
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': No, it's a, uh, parrot, uhh, from the Carribean.
Seaman Buckman: Well, don't let it fly away. That's supper.
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Arr.

Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Radio's workin' like a swiss... car.

Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Radio call for you, Cap'n. Some guy named Graminahamham.

Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Radio call for you, sir. It's that General What's-his-name again.

Seaman Nitro 'Mike': [singing like Sinatra while working on the radio] I'm gonna feel the way I do today, 'cause you-you nutsy chick, you broad-you make me feel so young. Boom.
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Oh boys, that was terrible. I'm going out, I'm gonna have a smoke. When I come back, get the horn section figured out, I can't work like this.
[Cuts a wire and gets zapped, a radio tuning sound is heard. He drops his tool, pauses, then picks it up and continues working, though now in an announcer's voice]
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Two on, two out, Bonds is up again. Swung on, oh! That struck the ballgirl, knocked her cold! Today's game, by the way, is brought to you by...
Lt. Comd. Dodge: That boy's absorbed a lot of voltage.

Seaman Buckman: The name's Buckman.
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Uh... Nitro, hi.
Seaman Buckman: Interesting nickname, what's your real name?
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Nitro.
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': I'm working on a nickname, though.
Seaman Buckman: Oh yeah?
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Yeah. Listen to this... Mike.

Seaman Nitro 'Mike': [testing wires] 1-A... cold. 1-B... cold. 1-C...
[sparks fly]
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Hot!
Lt. Comd. Dodge: [watching Nitro from the upper deck] Let me guess. Our electrician.
Executive Officer Martin T. 'Marty' Pascal: [dejectedly] Yes, sir.

[Nitro routes a radio call from Admiral Graham to Dodge]
Lt. Comd. Dodge: Dodge here... "Stairway to Heaven"? Led Zeppelin, 1974, right? Okay! Hey, good news, guys! We just won the Billy Joel tickets and the WROK t-shirts!
[the crew chuckles]
Lt. Comd. Dodge: Nitro... You want to get me Admiral Graham now?
Seaman Nitro 'Mike': Okay.
[Nitro scrambles to connect the call]