Daniel Rafferty
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Daniel Rafferty (Character)
from Laws of Attraction (2004)

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Laws of Attraction (2004)
Audrey: Are you taking your clothes off?
Daniel: Only the bottoms.

Daniel: I don't believe in divorce.
Audrey: But you're a divorce lawyer!
Daniel: It's a job.

[arguing in court after having spent the night together]
Daniel: Are you suggesting that because the number is so large, your client is entitled to more than what was agreed upon in the pre-nup? Because that was not your position last night, assuming you remember last night's... position.

Daniel: Are you really 56?
Sara: Parts of me are.

[wakes in bed with Daniel, wearing a ring on her finger - gets out of bed]
Audrey: Oh, okay, okay, wake up, wake up.
Daniel: Morning.
Audrey: Wake up. Would you please look at your left hand, please?
Daniel: What?
Audrey: Please!
[sees the ring on his hand]
Daniel: Oh, would you look at that. Oh, you got one, too.
Audrey: Daniel, did we get married last night?
Daniel: Yes, I have a feeling we did. The details are still a little bit fuzzy but the bride was beautiful in her figure-hugging Sarena outfit and... you're not happy.
Audrey: Do I look happy?
Daniel: It's hard to say. I mean, because you never seem to be happy around me and...
Audrey: Oh, it's all coming back. We gotta find the guy who did this and tell him that we didn't mean it.
Daniel: But I did mean it.
Audrey: Of course you didn't, how could you? You don't want to be married to me!

Daniel: Can I say something?
Audrey: No, you can't!

Audrey: We're just going to have to file when we get back to New York, okay. It'll be like it never happened.
Daniel: But it did happen.

Audrey: Audrey Woods, I'm representing Mrs. Harrison.
Daniel: I've heard good things.

Daniel: Do you mind if I use the kitchen?
Sara: He cooks? You didn't tell me he cooks.

Daniel: Are you dating anyone?

Daniel: I told you darling, we don't need separate bedrooms. I don't mind you snoring.

Sara: Would you like a cocktail?
Daniel: Oh, yes, please, only if it's an extremely large one.

Audrey: [after giving Daniel a new tie] I thought you'd enjoy owning one without a stain.
Daniel: That's an interesting presumption.

Daniel: So... Romantic, no?
Audrey: No.

Daniel: But I do care about you. And so I will give you a divorce, gladly. Because call me old fashion, but when you love someone, I believe you should be unselfish enough to give them whatever they want. I'll be around later to pick up my things.

Daniel: If you can reach out and touch the horizon, you're at your journeys end.
Audrey: James Joyce?
Daniel: My Uncle Clive, but, equally profound, don't you think?