Mara Sinclair
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Mara Sinclair (Character)
from The Order (2003)

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The Order (2003)
Mara: [to Alex] It's you and me. You and me till the wheels fall off.

Alex Bernier: Promise you won't try to kill me.
Mara: [sighs] Cross my heart, hope to die.

Mara: We're the Catholic Pete, Link and Julie.

[Alex opens the window to the morning sun and wakes Mara, bringing her a bouquet of sunflowers]
Alex Bernier: I hope you like sunflowers
Mara: I love sunflowers. You know that.
Alex Bernier: Why? Why do you love sunflowers?
Mara: Because I always thought that when God was making beautiful things, He messed up with sunflowers.
Alex Bernier: How?
Mara: Well, 'cause they look like - I don't know. They look like crooked teeth around a mouth that's too big, kind of.
Alex Bernier: Yeah.
Mara: But... just when He was about to start over, He realized that's what made them beautiful. They were a brilliant mistake.
Alex Bernier: Like you and me.

Mara: Who are they?
Alex Bernier: Orphans. Of what, I don't know.