Alex Bernier
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Alex Bernier (Character)
from The Order (2003)

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The Order (2003)
Alex Bernier: And now it is I. I have been blessed and cursed... for now I possess the keys to the kingdom of heaven. I will forgive those who deserve freedom. I will damn those who have damned themselves. I will learn to live after love has died. I am the sin eater.

Alex Bernier: Promise you won't try to kill me.
Mara: [sighs] Cross my heart, hope to die.

New York Detective: Is says here she tried to kill you at an - exercise class?
Alex Bernier: She tried to kill me at an exorCISM.

[Alex opens the window to the morning sun and wakes Mara, bringing her a bouquet of sunflowers]
Alex Bernier: I hope you like sunflowers
Mara: I love sunflowers. You know that.
Alex Bernier: Why? Why do you love sunflowers?
Mara: Because I always thought that when God was making beautiful things, He messed up with sunflowers.
Alex Bernier: How?
Mara: Well, 'cause they look like - I don't know. They look like crooked teeth around a mouth that's too big, kind of.
Alex Bernier: Yeah.
Mara: But... just when He was about to start over, He realized that's what made them beautiful. They were a brilliant mistake.
Alex Bernier: Like you and me.

Alex Bernier: I performed the ceremony. I found Mara dying. I did it to set her free.
Will: How did it feel?
Alex Bernier: Like I was God.

Alex Bernier: She sees things differently. She feels things differently. I wish... I wish I never saw her face.

Alex Bernier: Your services don't come cheap.
Will: No, they don't
Alex Bernier: What did Dominic give you? I mean he... he had nothing.
Will: That's not true. He gave me friendship once, and i returned it.

Alex Bernier: [while absolving sins] She was like a sunflower. God's beautiful mistake.
[forces priest to swallow bread]
Alex Bernier: Choke on your own filth.

[first lines]
Alex Bernier: Every life is a riddle. The answer to mine is knowledge, born of darkness.
Alex Bernier: It wasn't always so. In the beginning, I still had questions. In the beginning, my mystery still remained.

Mara: Who are they?
Alex Bernier: Orphans. Of what, I don't know.