Dennis Gilley
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Dennis Gilley (Character)
from King of New York (1990)

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King of New York (1990)
Dennis Gilley: I heard a rumor about you.
Frank White: What's that?
Dennis Gilley: I heard you got AIDS getting dicked up your ass in prison. That's what I heard.
Frank White: I thought about you every time I jerked off, dickhead.

Dennis Gilley: Frank's Park-Avenue attorney can get him out in TEN MINUTES! TEN MINUTES later, he's back on the street again. There's only one way to get Frank.
Roy Bishop: So... what? Are you going to shoot everybody you can't arrest?
Dennis Gilley: We can make it look like a rival gang.

Dennis Gilley: Hey, scumbag, guess what? You're under a-fuckin'-rrest!