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A.D.A. Richard Bay (Character)
from "The Practice" (1997)

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"The Practice: Bay of Pigs (#4.9)" (1999)
A.D.A. Richard Bay: I'm only talking about a humane way of getting the testimony. This does nothing to my burden ...
Eugene Young: We won't agree. Get an order if you want, but like Ellenor says, we aren't about to make things easier.
A.D.A. Richard Bay: How stupid of me to expect you people to be decent or humane. You think you're heroes, playing a part in the criminal justice system, the crusaders against depression. Well, you might have started out that way but look at you now. The day to day stench of your clients has rubbed off, you're every bit as vile and contaminated as the murderers and rapists you defend! You bring no dignity to law, you proffer disgrace. Where you might once have been noble, you've- you've sunk into a sinkhole of disrepute where your only idealism is get the guy off even when it offends human nature, where it insults morality! You're so lost in the inferno of crime and dishonor, you become sickening animals, repugnant to everything that's good about this country, everything this nation celebrates in the spirit of humanity! You are sick, awful vehicles of hate! If there is a god, he will get you, you sleazy, cancerous, infected, malignant, grotesque snakes!

"The Practice: Poor Richard's Almanac (#5.21)" (2001)
Helen Gamble: Richard, of course you have to report this. Why haven't you already?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: If I report it, I let him win. I-I...
Helen Gamble: How do you figure that?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: He's hoping I'll report it and try to resign from the case, or he'll try to have me removed. The judge might do it anyway. The trial gets delayed.
Helen Gamble: Wait. Wait. Wait. First of all, that doesn't have to happen. You could still continue.
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Oh, you know Bobby, he...
Helen Gamble: But secondly, your life was threatened. A crime was committed. You're an officer of the court. You have to report it. Come on, do I really need to be telling you that? What?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: He said if I told the police, I'd die.
Helen Gamble: You're scared.
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Yes. Helen, even if I did file a report, I didn't even see him. He's disguised his voice. There's no way I could make an I.D.
Helen Gamble: They could dust your garage. Maybe there are tire tracks, a witnesses in the neighborhood who saw a car. The police could investigate. Richard, you need to report this. If you won't, I will. All right. I'm going to call Detective Michael McGuire. We'll start the investigation. We'll put you in protective custody. Someone's gonna be with you around the clock. We'll guard your house.
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Helen...
Helen Gamble: Until the verdict. Now, I'm going to have to talk to Bobby.
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Why?
Helen Gamble: Because he has to know. Now, the only remaining question, are you okay to continue with the trial?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Yes.
Helen Gamble: Are you sure?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Yes.
Helen Gamble: And you'll be going for a conviction, right?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Yes.