Rebecca Washington
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Rebecca Washington (Character)
from "The Practice" (1997)

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"The Practice: Poor Richard's Almanac (#5.21)" (2001)
Bobby Donnell: You do this long enough, you think you've seen it all.
Eugene Young: He actually threatened him in the room.
Bobby Donnell: Right, after basically threatened to rape Helen.
Rebecca Washington: And they're not filing charges?
Ellenor Frutt: Not so far.
Jimmy Berluti: Did it wrong? Was Bay nervous.
Bobby Donnell: That seems to close okay.
Ellenor Frutt: I thought it closed better than usual.
[Baby girl crying]
Ellenor Frutt: Hey, hey. When was the last time she ate?
Lucy Hatcher: Uh, around 5 o'clock. But she like most of it on Eugene.
[Eugene looked at Ellenor]
Ellenor Frutt: Sorry.
Lucy Hatcher: Are you ready?
Bobby Donnell: All set.
Lindsay Dole: The sitters are home. I actually got to go out to a restaurant tonight.
Lucy Hatcher: [Answering the phone] Donnell, Role, etc. Yeah. Yeah, thank you.
[Hang up the phone]
Lucy Hatcher: Verdict.
Ellenor Frutt: Already?