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Judge Seymore Walsh (Character)
from "Ally McBeal" (1997)

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"Ally McBeal: Tom Dooley (#5.18)" (2002)
Judge Seymour Walsh: Mr. Cage. Ms. Bump. I'll ask you to proceed without the nonsense.
John Cage: [reading notes] OK, uh... Mmm, no, I'm sorry. All I had left was nonsense.
John Cage: [sits back down]

A.D.A. Tisbury: How many more men do you plan to marry, Mrs. - is it Carrens or Lewiston?
Nicole Naples: It's Naples. It... sounds like you disapprove.
A.D.A. Tisbury: Well, bigamy is not my choice for a lifestyle.
Nicole Naples: So you agree it's a choice?
A.D.A. Tisbury: No, I don't.
Nicole Naples: So it's not a choice?
A.D.A. Tisbury: I'm asking the questions here.
Nicole Naples: So you agree it's a question?
A.D.A. Tisbury: No. It's not even a question.
Nicole Naples: Then what do you have to ask me?
A.D.A. Tisbury: Your Honor...
Judge Seymour Walsh: Ms. Naples?

Judge Seymour Walsh: Mr. Cage, one more outburst, I will tape your mouth SHUT. Do not think I'm kidding. Now sit.

"Ally McBeal: Out in the Cold (#3.9)" (2000)
Richard Fish: Your Honor, if I may...
Judge Seymour Walsh: Oh, Dear God!
Richard Fish: Almost EVERY woman is BOUGHT. It's good that these kids learn that at a young age.
Judge Seymour Walsh: Mr. Fish -
Richard Fish: Tell me women don't become interested in men because of the size of their wallets. We see beautiful young girls walking around with 80-year-old men on WELFARE all the time, don't we? People in this country are seduced by success! Fancy car, big house, beautiful woman. It's the American Way.

"Ally McBeal: They Eat Horses, Don't They? (#2.2)" (1998)
Judge Seymour Walsh: Mr. Handy, it would be a grave mistake to insult Elizabeth Taylor in my courtroom.

"Ally McBeal: Reach Out and Touch (#4.13)" (2001)
Steven Milter: Your honor, I'm not comfortable with the response. I'm gonna go ahead and object.
Judge Seymour Walsh: Over-ruled.