Jimmy Berluti
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Jimmy Berluti (Character)
from "The Practice" (1997)

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"The Practice: Race Ipsa Loquitor (#4.15)" (2000)
Bobby Donnell: Richard Bay's the D.A. on... Clyde Miller.
[So it's true]
Ellenor Frutt: Oh, my God.
Lucy Hatcher: Tell me.
Bobby Donnell: In my office.
Jimmy Berluti: I can't. They transfer Henry back to the courthouse. I have to go...
Bobby Donnell: [Bobby doesn't care] In my office.

Lucy Hatcher: [Ellenor got back to the law offices and slams the door closed. Lucy raised her hands] I didn't do anything.
Ellenor Frutt: Where's Jimmy?
Jimmy Berluti: Right here. What?
Ellenor Frutt: You signed-off on murder two with Clyde Miller just like that?
Jimmy Berluti: We had to take it or leave. One time offer.
Ellenor Frutt: So why did you take it?
Jimmy Berluti: Because he was looking at first degree.
Ellenor Frutt: We still could have tried the thing.
Jimmy Berluti: And lost.
Ellenor Frutt: But maybe won. There evidence...
Jimmy Berluti: Oh, please.
Ellenor Frutt: Jimmy, there were no witnesses. I just beat a much tougher case on this one a month ago with Darryl Hutchins.

Bobby Donnell: [Bobby finds out what's with the noise] What's going?
Ellenor Frutt: Clyde Miller. He just copped to second degree.
Jimmy Berluti: There were no rabbits to pull on this one, Ellenor, they had them dead to center.
[Telephone ringing. Lucy answer the phone]
Ellenor Frutt: Even so, Jimmy, this seems a little rush, and since I am second chair. I think you could have run this by me before...
Jimmy Berluti: I didn't think you wanted to be bothered.
Lucy Hatcher: [Lucy got a telephone call and she has some good news in the results] Okay. Good news. Henry passed the polygraph.
Jimmy Berluti: He did?
Lucy Hatcher: Yes. They transfer him to the courthouse.
Bobby Donnell: What's he taking the polygraph for?
Jimmy Berluti: Richard Bay, I worked with him up last night. He said if he passed the lie detector, he endorsed his release.
Bobby Donnell: Bay's going to recommend release now?
Jimmy Berluti: He said a polygraph will sell him.

[Jimmy into Bobby's office and find out and Bobby know what's wrong with Jimmy]
Bobby Donnell: You serve up Miller to get Henry out?
Jimmy Berluti: I made independent deals.
Bobby Donnell: Don't screw with me, Jimmy.
Jimmy Berluti: I made separate deal in two.
Bobby Donnell: You don't just copped to murder two.
Jimmy Berluti: Judgment call, and don't tell me you've never done it.
Bobby Donnell: You can get disbarred.
Jimmy Berluti: I know you done it.
Bobby Donnell: I'm talking here!
Jimmy Berluti: And I'm not listening! Shut up! Don't you... Don't you dare put yourself in my position. A man isn't in jail because of you. A kid didn't put a noose around his neck because of you.
Bobby Donnell: You're falling apart.
Jimmy Berluti: Of course I'm falling apart. I've been falling apart for 3 months. I... Look at me. I put a 50 lbs. What do you think?

Jimmy Berluti: [Jimmy sighs] I gotta fix this, Bobby.
Bobby Donnell: I won't let you.
Jimmy Berluti: You just stay the hell out of it!
Bobby Donnell: I can't. Clyde Miller is a client of this firm.
Jimmy Berluti: I explain the deal to him. He took it.
Bobby Donnell: He's stupid. He'll do whatever say.
Jimmy Berluti: You keep out of it. You want to fire me? Fire me. But I've got to fix this.
[Jimmy regain his composure]
Jimmy Berluti: He's a killer. He killed a rabbi. He should be in jail. Henry Olson shouldn't be. This is a just result.
Bobby Donnell: [Bobby shakes his head disapprovingly and calmed] It doesn't work like that, Jimmy.
Jimmy Berluti: Please. Two separate deals. Two different cases. He'd go down on murder one if we tried it. Just let this be.
[Bobby felt silent]
Jimmy Berluti: Just let this be.
[Jimmy drains his head]