Lindsay Dole
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Lindsay Dole (Character)
from "Ally McBeal" (1997)

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"The Practice: Eat and Run (#6.19)" (2002)
Lindsay Dole: And, sir, can you tell the court why you would eat these women?
Lawrence O'Malley: Because they were so beautiful. Like you. The book of Genesis tells us that woman came from man. When man consumes the woman it makes him one with her... and by eating them, I know they will go to heaven because I am going to heaven, and they will go with me.
[looking directly at Lindsay]
Lawrence O'Malley: You'll be going to heaven, Clarice.

Lawrence O'Malley: [to his lawyer, Lindsay Dole, after he has asked to speak to her, alone, in a conference room at the court house] Hello, Clarissa.
Bobby Donnell: Oh, brother!
Lawrence O'Malley: Could you leave, Bobby? I'd like to speak to Clarissa alone.
Lindsay Dole: I'm not Clarissa, Lawrence. Jody Foster wasn't even Clarissa. She was Clarice. And even she's not Clarice anymore.

"The Practice: Evil/Doers (#6.20)" (2002)
Lawrence O'Malley: [believing himself to be Hannibal Lector as he speaks to Lindsay through her open apartment door] You'll go to heaven... and I will take you there myself.
Lindsay Dole: [pointing her gun at him] Know what? Why don't you go on ahead without me.

"The Practice: Neighboring Species (#7.5)" (2002)
Maxine Shipp: [standing outside Lindsay's new office] But, actually, I think I have heard of you. Aren't you the lady who shot somebody?
Lindsay Dole: I did. But I beat it... on a technicality. Come on in.
Maxine Shipp: OK. Uhhh... it wasn't a client you shot, right?