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Paul Lewiston (Character)
from "Boston Legal" (2004)

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"Boston Legal: A Greater Good (#1.9)" (2004)
Paul Lewiston: Let me make this simple for you, Mister Shore.
Alan Shore: Please, call me Alan, I feel we've grown close.
Paul Lewiston: You will be present in court at the table because your sudden absence would send a strange message to the jury that might compromise our case, but Denny will ask the questions. If you attempt to ask the witness anything at all, you will be fired.
Alan Shore: There's a legal term for this. Ah, yes, "Oooooh."

"Boston Legal: On the Ledge (#3.9)" (2006)
Paul Lewiston: Denny, have you seen Shirley?
Denny Crane: Naked?

"Boston Legal: 'Til We Meat Again (#1.14)" (2005)
Paul Lewiston: There's no opportunity to plead this out?
Alan Shore: Only if I plead guilty which is, of course, unacceptable. I have to worry about a three strikes law since I plan to commit future crimes.