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Bobby Donnell (Character)
from "The Practice" (1997)

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"The Practice: Race Ipsa Loquitor (#4.15)" (2000)
Bobby Donnell: Richard Bay's the D.A. on... Clyde Miller.
[So it's true]
Ellenor Frutt: Oh, my God.
Lucy Hatcher: Tell me.
Bobby Donnell: In my office.
Jimmy Berluti: I can't. They transfer Henry back to the courthouse. I have to go...
Bobby Donnell: [Bobby doesn't care] In my office.

Bobby Donnell: [Bobby finds out what's with the noise] What's going?
Ellenor Frutt: Clyde Miller. He just copped to second degree.
Jimmy Berluti: There were no rabbits to pull on this one, Ellenor, they had them dead to center.
[Telephone ringing. Lucy answer the phone]
Ellenor Frutt: Even so, Jimmy, this seems a little rush, and since I am second chair. I think you could have run this by me before...
Jimmy Berluti: I didn't think you wanted to be bothered.
Lucy Hatcher: [Lucy got a telephone call and she has some good news in the results] Okay. Good news. Henry passed the polygraph.
Jimmy Berluti: He did?
Lucy Hatcher: Yes. They transfer him to the courthouse.
Bobby Donnell: What's he taking the polygraph for?
Jimmy Berluti: Richard Bay, I worked with him up last night. He said if he passed the lie detector, he endorsed his release.
Bobby Donnell: Bay's going to recommend release now?
Jimmy Berluti: He said a polygraph will sell him.

[Jimmy into Bobby's office and find out and Bobby know what's wrong with Jimmy]
Bobby Donnell: You serve up Miller to get Henry out?
Jimmy Berluti: I made independent deals.
Bobby Donnell: Don't screw with me, Jimmy.
Jimmy Berluti: I made separate deal in two.
Bobby Donnell: You don't just copped to murder two.
Jimmy Berluti: Judgment call, and don't tell me you've never done it.
Bobby Donnell: You can get disbarred.
Jimmy Berluti: I know you done it.
Bobby Donnell: I'm talking here!
Jimmy Berluti: And I'm not listening! Shut up! Don't you... Don't you dare put yourself in my position. A man isn't in jail because of you. A kid didn't put a noose around his neck because of you.
Bobby Donnell: You're falling apart.
Jimmy Berluti: Of course I'm falling apart. I've been falling apart for 3 months. I... Look at me. I put a 50 lbs. What do you think?

Jimmy Berluti: [Jimmy sighs] I gotta fix this, Bobby.
Bobby Donnell: I won't let you.
Jimmy Berluti: You just stay the hell out of it!
Bobby Donnell: I can't. Clyde Miller is a client of this firm.
Jimmy Berluti: I explain the deal to him. He took it.
Bobby Donnell: He's stupid. He'll do whatever say.
Jimmy Berluti: You keep out of it. You want to fire me? Fire me. But I've got to fix this.
[Jimmy regain his composure]
Jimmy Berluti: He's a killer. He killed a rabbi. He should be in jail. Henry Olson shouldn't be. This is a just result.
Bobby Donnell: [Bobby shakes his head disapprovingly and calmed] It doesn't work like that, Jimmy.
Jimmy Berluti: Please. Two separate deals. Two different cases. He'd go down on murder one if we tried it. Just let this be.
[Bobby felt silent]
Jimmy Berluti: Just let this be.
[Jimmy drains his head]

"The Practice: Poor Richard's Almanac (#5.21)" (2001)
Bobby Donnell: We can't put him up there.
Jackson 'Jackie' Cahill: It's still an alibi. They can't prove he's lying, which he isn't.
Ellenor Frutt: They wouldn't have to prove he's lying. He looks like it, he sounds like it, he - he personifies dishonesty, and by putting him up there, we would be helping the prosecution, trust me.
Jackson 'Jackie' Cahill: Why the hell didn't you protect him? You should have been objecting or something.
Bobby Donnell: The questions weren't objectionable, and it was a discovery. Look, 30 years is better than life, if it's still on the table.
Jackson 'Jackie' Cahill: No!
Bobby Donnell: Try to get this - we got no rabbits to pull.
Jackson 'Jackie' Cahill: What about your plan "b" strategy?
Bobby Donnell: A witness saw you pull the trigger. Plus this DA and he knows us. And I know him, he is not going to drop the ball. We cannot win this case.
Jackson 'Jackie' Cahill: All right. Let me think about. Can I think about it?
Bobby Donnell: We're not scheduled to go again till tomorrow, so, yeah.
Bobby Donnell: Take the night.
Ellenor Frutt: Look, we don't like you, which is true. You think because we don't like you, we are not doing everything we possibly can, which is not true.
Jackson 'Jackie' Cahill: Okay. Okay.

Bobby Donnell: In his own garage?
Helen Gamble: Yes. I assuming that you gave him no indication.
Bobby Donnell: Of course not.
Helen Gamble: Does he know that knocking off the D.A. won't do much good? We do have more.
Bobby Donnell: We may have led him to believe that this particular D.A. was a nemesis. We will set him straight on that.
Ellenor Frutt: What an idiot.
Bobby Donnell: And so where are we?
Helen Gamble: Richard's bent on continuing. And you know him. Now you will have a conversation with your client.
Bobby Donnell: Oh, yes.

Jackson 'Jackie' Cahill: I'm as shocked as you are.
Bobby Donnell: Don't give me that.
Ellenor Frutt: Are you that stupid? You think killing the district attorney will actually help you?
Jackson 'Jackie' Cahill: I will never hurt anybody, Ms. Frutt, but you know what? Our relationship is so deteriorating here, that maybe you two should get off this case. I should find myself new representation.
Ellenor Frutt: So you can buy time? Time to execute the witness?
Bobby Donnell: We'd love to get off, Jackie, but the judge will never let that happened, not at this point.
Jackson 'Jackie' Cahill: If you told him that your disgust prevents you from doing you best work.
Bobby Donnell: The problem is I do my best work with disgusting client. We're stuck with each other. The trial is going on. There's plenty more district attorneys where Richard Bay came from, so going after him will get you nothing.
Jackson 'Jackie' Cahill: Nothing? No. You underestimate the value of a smile. It's the simple pleasures, counsel.

[the bailiff handover the verdict to Judge White. He read it. And the bailiff returned the verdict back to the jury]
Judge Rodney White: Will the defendant please rise?
[the defendant rise along with co-counsels Bobby Donnell and Ellenor Frutt]
Judge Rodney White: Madam Foreperson, has the jury reached the verdict?
Foreperson: We have, Your Honor.
Judge Rodney White: What say you?
Foreperson: Commonwealth vs Jackson Cahill, on the first count murder in the first degree, we find that the defendant Jackson Cahill guilty. On the second count murder in the first degree, we find that the defendant Jackson Cahill guilty.
Judge Rodney White: [Ordering the officer] Officers, take the defendant back into custody. I'll scheduled sentencing later. Members of the jury, this completes this service. You are dismissed with the thanks of the court. Adjourned.
[Bangs gavel]
Jackson 'Jackie' Cahill: Bobby, can you start working on my appeal, please?
Bobby Donnell: Jackie, I think you need to get yourself another lawyer.
[the officers take Jacki Cahill back into custody. Bobby saw that A.D.A. Richard Bay gone]

"The Practice: Eat and Run (#6.19)" (2002)
Lawrence O'Malley: [to his lawyer, Lindsay Dole, after he has asked to speak to her, alone, in a conference room at the court house] Hello, Clarissa.
Bobby Donnell: Oh, brother!
Lawrence O'Malley: Could you leave, Bobby? I'd like to speak to Clarissa alone.
Lindsay Dole: I'm not Clarissa, Lawrence. Jody Foster wasn't even Clarissa. She was Clarice. And even she's not Clarice anymore.

"The Practice: Day in Court (#4.10)" (1999)
Bobby Donnell: What kind of judge are you ?
Judge Philip Swackheim: The best kind : old,crazy and fed up !

"The Practice: The Return of Joey Heric (#6.18)" (2002)
Eugene Young: Wait, wait, wait... you went to law school, took the bar exam.
Joey Heric: It was my therapist's idea. He thought one way of weaning myself off of killing people was to help others who did get away with it. I've got a case now. That's why I'm here.
Bobby Donnell: What kind of case?
Joey Heric: Homicide! The problem I'm having is this... I think the kid might actually be innocent. And as good as I am, my conscience says I should bring someone else on board with experience.
Ellenor Frutt: So, in addition to getting a law degree, you also picked up a conscience?
Joey Heric: Drives like new, hardly any miles on it.

"The Practice: Happily Ever After (#3.23)" (1999)
Bobby Donnell: My client isn't a flight risk, your honor.
A.D.A. Curtis Simmons: Safety risk.
Bobby Donnell: This is the first time he's ever shot anybody.
[Judge Hiller looks at him, shocked at such a slip-up. Bobby catches himself]
Bobby Donnell: Allegedly.