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Helen Gamble (Character)
from "Ally McBeal" (1997)

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"The Practice: Poor Richard's Almanac (#5.21)" (2001)
Helen Gamble: Richard, of course you have to report this. Why haven't you already?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: If I report it, I let him win. I-I...
Helen Gamble: How do you figure that?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: He's hoping I'll report it and try to resign from the case, or he'll try to have me removed. The judge might do it anyway. The trial gets delayed.
Helen Gamble: Wait. Wait. Wait. First of all, that doesn't have to happen. You could still continue.
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Oh, you know Bobby, he...
Helen Gamble: But secondly, your life was threatened. A crime was committed. You're an officer of the court. You have to report it. Come on, do I really need to be telling you that? What?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: He said if I told the police, I'd die.
Helen Gamble: You're scared.
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Yes. Helen, even if I did file a report, I didn't even see him. He's disguised his voice. There's no way I could make an I.D.
Helen Gamble: They could dust your garage. Maybe there are tire tracks, a witnesses in the neighborhood who saw a car. The police could investigate. Richard, you need to report this. If you won't, I will. All right. I'm going to call Detective Michael McGuire. We'll start the investigation. We'll put you in protective custody. Someone's gonna be with you around the clock. We'll guard your house.
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Helen...
Helen Gamble: Until the verdict. Now, I'm going to have to talk to Bobby.
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Why?
Helen Gamble: Because he has to know. Now, the only remaining question, are you okay to continue with the trial?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Yes.
Helen Gamble: Are you sure?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Yes.
Helen Gamble: And you'll be going for a conviction, right?
A.D.A. Richard Bay: Yes.

Bobby Donnell: In his own garage?
Helen Gamble: Yes. I assuming that you gave him no indication.
Bobby Donnell: Of course not.
Helen Gamble: Does he know that knocking off the D.A. won't do much good? We do have more.
Bobby Donnell: We may have led him to believe that this particular D.A. was a nemesis. We will set him straight on that.
Ellenor Frutt: What an idiot.
Bobby Donnell: And so where are we?
Helen Gamble: Richard's bent on continuing. And you know him. Now you will have a conversation with your client.
Bobby Donnell: Oh, yes.

"The Practice: Public Servants (#5.22)" (2001)
Judge Rodney White: I have reviewed the contract entered into by Ms. Gamble and Mr. Cahill. I think Ms. Gamble's promises were against public policy, lived up to or not. I also believe technically unenforceable under Massachusetts' General Law, Chapter 265 Section 1 which states that only the jury shall determine the degree of murder. However, the fact of the matter is, we enforce plea agreements like this everyday, and Ms. Gamble's deceit, trickery and bad faith, it's also against public policy. Lawyer's who appear in my court do not get to take advantage of technicalities and bad faith to get out of deal they regret. I'm therefore honoring the plea agreement. Mr. Cahill's first degree convictions are set aside, we entered second degree counts, and pursuing to the agreement, Mr. Cahill shall be eligible for parole in 20 years.
Atty. Powell: Thank you, Your Honor.
Judge Rodney White: However, this plea agreement is silent on sentencing when it comes to other crimes such as Mr. Cahill's threat to hit Ms. Gamble.
Atty. Powell: We deny that ever happened.
Judge Rodney White: Yes, it would be nice for you if you got a trial on that, but you don't. For sentencing purposes, I need only find, by preponderance of the evidence that it happened. I make that finding now.
[Judge White addressing to Mr. Cahill]
Judge Rodney White: To threaten a D.A., Mr. Cahill, I'm adding 75 years to each of your two counts, sentencing to run consecutively. So you will now be eligible for parole in 150 years. Adjourned.
[Bangs the gavel. Jackie Cahill is finished. He is handcuffed and taken away by the bailiff and Attorney Powell walks over to Helen and explain about Richard Bay]
Atty. Powell: You think you honored Richard Bay in all this? You think that cowboy up there just ratified you?
Helen Gamble: Go away.
Atty. Powell: Richard Bay was a man of integrity. He honored his word. He honored the law.
Helen Gamble: If you excuse me, I have to go to a funeral.
Atty. Powell: Well, I hope you pay tribute to him there, because neither you, nor that judge did here.