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Quotes for
Cindy McCauliff (Character)
from "Ally McBeal" (1997)

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"Ally McBeal: Girls' Night Out (#4.2)" (2000)
Cindy McCauliff: How DARE you.
Richard Fish: I didn't TELL him!
Cindy McCauliff: You were ABOUT to!
Richard Fish: No, no, no. I was just ...
Cindy McCauliff: You had NO right.
Richard Fish: Mark is a FRIEND of mine!
Cindy McCauliff: I've HAD boyfriends before. Things have been JUST fine.
Richard Fish: They have? Wait, how?
Cindy McCauliff: I tell them I'm Catholic.
Richard Fish: I'm confused. Catholic girls have penises? 'Cause I thought ...
Cindy McCauliff: I tell them I'm against pre-marital sex!
Richard Fish: No, I'm still confused. What other kind of sex IS there?