Ling Woo
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Ling Woo (Character)
from "Ally McBeal" (1997)

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"Ally McBeal: Ally McBeal: The Musical, Almost (#3.21)" (2000)
Ling Woo: I know I'm better than everybody else, Richard, but some times it's nice to HEAR it.

"Ally McBeal: Out in the Cold (#3.9)" (2000)
Richard Fish: You could have at least TRIED to be sympathetic.
Ling Woo: I was under oath!
Richard Fish: Garlic...
Ling Woo: If this thing comes down to whether or not that Judge likes me, Richard, then I lose. He hates me.
[John leans on Richard and takes off his shoes]
Ling Woo: What is the funny little man doing now?
John "The Biscuit" Cage: I have to prepare my final statement, you ungrateful little PIMP.
[Ling gasps]

"Ally McBeal: The Ex-Files (#4.10)" (2001)
Nell Porter: Ling, uh, do you still like this guy?
Ling Woo: No! No, I-I'm with Richard now. I-I... I might... I mean, he's not Richard.
Nell Porter: Oh, come on. Richard has the depth of an ashtray. He's got nothing to offer but money and sperm, and you know it.

"Ally McBeal: Love's Illusions (#2.22)" (1999)
Ally McBeal: I'm taking a straw poll, do any of you believe you're going to find *the* one, your one true love?
Ling Woo: No.
Nelle Porter: No.
Elaine Vassal: Over and over again!