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Quotes for
Horus (Character)
from Gods of Egypt (2016)

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Gods of Egypt (2016)
Bek: [sees giant snakes] We should run.
Horus: Run?
Bek: We mortals do it all the time!
[runs off]

Set: [about to be killed] Wait! I spared your life, didn't I?
Horus: I won't make that mistake.

Horus: Are you sure you're not a god?
Bek: What would I be the god of? Stupidity?
Horus: The impossible.

Horus: I chose none of this! I can't undo what's been done! What power do I have?
Hathor: You have the power to make things right!

Ra: Egypt has always been a paradise. But now, there is chaos. God of the air, you must protect the mortals.
Horus: I don't know if I'm strong enough.
Ra: Then becone stronger.

Ra: Every night the battle between chaos and creation must go on, otherwise the world will be destroyed. For you see, there are worse things than Set.
Horus: That's not true! He killed my father, your son!
Ra: They are BOTH my sons! I favored them equally!

Horus: [sees Apophis on Earth] I can understand killing for a throne, but this is madness!
Set: Of course you wouldn't understand! How could you? Favored son of a favored son!

[Horus is hanging from the tower, with Bek holding onto him]
Horus: I'm sorry for everything I've done to you! I'm sorry I brought you to this fate! And I'm especially sorry, for this...
[loses his grip, and the two fall]

Bek: What would happen if I drank that?
Horus: You would be refreshed. Then you would die.
Bek: It doesn't seem right that the water of Creation would, kill.
Horus: I would kill you, For wasting my water.

Thoth: Ha, I have it, it's mystery it's essence it's truth.
Horus: It's lettuce!

Immortal (Ad Vitam) (2004)
Nikopol: Fuck you!
Horus: Right, but let's fuck her again first.

Horus: You believe in God?
Nikopol: I don't even have that to fall back on.
Horus: I suggest you believe in me, Nikopol.
Nikopol: Do I have a choice?
Horus: I am afraid not.

Horus: Children, my human children, I am back.

Nikopol: You piece of shit! Your objectives are shit. Your filthy rapist god ambitions are shit. You're full of shit, Horus!
Horus: Coming from a human, remarks like that don't carry much weight.

Horus: [referring to Jill] Young women like her are rare. Extremely rare. There are only a few of them in the entire universe. No one knows why they appear in one world or another. They don't even know who they are themselves, and the power they have.
Nikopol: What power?
Horus: The greatest power of all. The power to procreate with God.