Benjamin O'Ryan
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Benjamin O'Ryan (Character)
from Suspect Zero (2004)

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Suspect Zero (2004)
Benjamin O'Ryan: [having sat across from Speck without his notice] What's in the case?
Harold Speck: [looks up, startled] I'm sorry?
Benjamin O'Ryan: You're always lugging that case around. I'm curious. What do you sell?
Harold Speck: I'm in restaurant supplies. I'm-I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.
Benjamin O'Ryan: You must travel a lot, huh? Whole country or just hereabouts?
Harold Speck: I-I don't mean to be rude, but, uh...
Benjamin O'Ryan: How's your wife feel about it?
Harold Speck: What?
Benjamin O'Ryan: She must get lonely, you gone all the time. Does she?
Harold Speck: Look, I...
Benjamin O'Ryan: Do YOU get lonely? You miss fucking her, Harold?
Harold Speck: Look, I don't know who you are, but you can't just sit down...
Benjamin O'Ryan: [holding a drawing up on the table for Speck to see] Did it myself. Kind of a hobby. Take a look at these pictures, Harold, and you tell me if you see anything you want. I've got lots more. Would you like to see them?
[He holds up another]
Benjamin O'Ryan: Tell me, those jokes about the traveling salesman and the farmer's daughter, are they true?
[He holds up another; Speck goes white]
Benjamin O'Ryan: Here, this one's my *favorite*. Really says it all. Wouldn't you agree?
Harold Speck: You are sick.
[Speck gets up from the table and leaves]
Benjamin O'Ryan: It's a matter of opinion.

Thomas Mackelway: Where's the boy?
Benjamin O'Ryan: My, my! Must be extremely satisfying to hear yourself say something so heroic! I'm almost envious. The boy's in pieces under the bed.

Benjamin O'Ryan: I know what you're thinking. "Pain is coming. Will I take it like a man?" Well, let me put you at ease. You won't - but none of them do. Men, women, children, they all weep, they all beg, they pass out, they piss themselves, they attempt negotiation. You wouldn't believe how many men I've seen lying right where you're lying right now, grown men with wives and children at home, offering all kinds of sexual gratification for a five-minute reprieve. It's pathetic.

Benjamin O'Ryan: I want you to shut it off for me, please, Mack. I'm so tired. I just want you to shut it off for me! Shut it off for me.

[last lines]
Benjamin O'Ryan: I'm so tired, so tired. Thank you.