Elizabeth Tate
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Elizabeth Tate (Character)
from The Other Sister (1999)

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The Other Sister (1999)
Carla Tate: [quoting one of her teachers] Yeah, and she also told me that people like us, they - boys can try to take advantage and that they'll try to coitus us. So if that should ever happen, to say, "No!"
Elizabeth: Oh. Okay.
Carla Tate: "Stop right there!"
Elizabeth: Good. That's excellent advice. What else did she say to you?
Carla Tate: "Don't put gum under the cafeteria table! How many times do I have to tell you?"

Elizabeth: I also enrolled her in a calligraphy class, an origami class. I even got her into that...
Dr. Johnson: She doesn't want to do those things. They don't interest her. They don't work for her.
Elizabeth: Maybe Carla doesn't know what works for her.
Dr. Johnson: And you do.
Elizabeth: I think so. I'm her mother.
Dr. Johnson: That's why she tried to hitchhike over 200 miles to get back here?

Elizabeth: [getting emotional] I didn't want to put her in that place! But I had to. I had no other choice. She needed professional help. Now it is Carla turn, and I am going to protect her! And nobody's going to tell me how to do it, not even you, Radley. No!

Shoe Salesman: [whispering to Carla about Elizabeth] She's a little uptight.
Elizabeth: What?
Shoe Salesman: It-it's tight. This shoe's a little tight.

Heather: Mother, being gay is not a diagnosis. It's not a disease I'm going to recover from, or a phase I'm going to outgrow.
Elizabeth: I know what being gay is, okay? I give to gay causes. I support gay parades. They even gave me a plaque.
Heather: Yes! So why support them and not me?

Elizabeth: I feel like I'm the mother of a dedicated underachiever, a gay workaholic, and Carla, who thinks she can conquer this whole terrifying world that we live in.
Dr. Radley Tate: Honey, you're doing fine. They're not drug addicts. They're not axe murderers. They're not *Democrats.*