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Quotes for
Dick (Character)
from Play It Again, Sam (1972)

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Play It Again, Sam (1972)
Dick: He was always very fussy.
Allan: Yes, but look at the results.
Dick: Yes, you never went out.

Dick: [On the phone] Let me tell you where you can reach me, George. I'll be at 362-9296 for a while; then I'll be at 648-0024 for about fifteen minutes; then I'll be at 752-0420; and then I'll be home, at 621-4598. Yeah, right George, bye-bye.
Linda: There's a phone booth on the corner. You want me to run downstairs and get the number? You'll be passing it.

Allan: You want a Fresca with a Darvon?
Linda: Unless you have apple juice.
Allan: Apple juice and Darvon is fantastic together!
Linda: Have you ever had Librium and tomato juice?
Allan: No, I haven't personally, but another neurotic tells me they're unbelievable.
Dick: Could I get a coke with nothing in it?

Dick: Who were these guys?
Allan: Oh, they said they were hairdressers, hard to believe though.

Dick: Allan, you have invested your emotions in a losing stock, it was wiped out, it dropped off the board. Now what do you do Allan? You reinvest. Maybe in a more stable stock. Something with long term growth possibilities.
Allan: Who are you going to fix me up with, General Motors?

Dick: You know any other girls?
Linda: I don't know if any of my friends are his type. I mean, most of the girls I know are fairly normal.

Dick: What? You got into a fight?
Allan: Yep.
Dick: With who?
Allan: Some guys were getting tough with Julie. I had to teach them a lesson.
Dick: Are you all right?
Allan: Yeah, I'm fine. I snapped my chin down onto some guy's fist and hit another one in the knee with my nose.

Dick: [On the phone] Hello, this is Mr. Christie, look, I'm no longer at 752-0420, I'm at going to be home at 621-4598. What? Yes, I'll hold on.

Dick: [On the phone] Marjorie, did Mr. Hardy call? Well, I'm at 922-3299. Yeah, well I'll be here - I'm picking my wife up. What? Who? Oh, Allan Felix. Yeah, all right. I'll call him later. Right. Bye-bye.

Dick: [On the phone] Hello, this is Mr. Christie. I'm no longer at 431-5997. I'm gonna be at Mr. Fe- what time did that come in? Yeah.

Dick: [On the phone] Hi, this is Mr. Christie. I'm at the Hong Fat Noodle Company - that's, eh, 824-7996. Yeah, Right. Okay. Bye-bye.

Dick: [On the phone] Hello, this is Mr. Christie. I'm no longer at 731-0711. I'll be at 885-0714. That's good for the whole weekend.

Allan: I like blondes. Little blondes with long hair and short skirts and boots and big chest and bright, witty and perceptive.
Dick: Well, don't set yourself ridiculous stands, Allan.
Linda: She must be beautiful with long hair and a big bust?
Allan: Yes. And a good behind - something I can sink my teeth into.

Dick: [On the phone] I'm at 392-8098.

Dick: [Allan's imagines Dick walking out in the ocean to commit suicide] How could they? My wife and my best friend. I loved her. I loved him. Why didn't I see it coming? Me who had the foresight to buy Polaroid at eight and a half.