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Quotes for
David Greene (Character)
from School Ties (1992)

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School Ties (1992)
David Green: You never told me what religion you are.
Chris Reese: I'm a Methodist.
David Green: A Methodist. And all this time I didn't know it.

Dr. Bartram: I'd like to forget this whole thing ever happened.
David Green: No sir. You're never going to forget this happened, because I'm going to stay here. And every time you see me, you'll remember that it happened. You used me for football. I'll use you to get into Harvard.

[last lines]
Charlie Dillon: You know something? I'm still gonna get into Harvard. And in 10 years no one will remember any of this. But you'll still be a goddamn Jew.
David Green: And you'll still be a prick.

David Green: [Standing in the rain outside of Iselin Hall] COWARDS!

David Green: I'll honor your tradition. I'll go to the Headmaster and I'll lie.

Dr. Bartram: Was it worth it? Breaking a tradition just to win a football game?
David Green: Your tradition or mine, sir?

Dr. Bartram: ...and the meek shall inherit the earth.
David Green: I wonder how meek they'll be when they do, sir.

Sally Wheeler: You lied to me!
David Greene: I didn't lie to you! I lied to my father! I lied to myself!

Mr. Gierasch: Be seated, gentlemen. It appears that someone in this class cheated on yesterday's history exam. Today is Saturday. Your next class is on Monday. Therefore, we are faced with a rather bleak situation. If the guilty party does not come forward, or is not identified by then, I shall be forced to fail the entire section.
Chris Reese: Isn't that unfair, sir? Only one of us cheated.
Mr. Gierasch: We have all been dishonored by this person and I will not tolerate it.
David Green: How can you be sure that someone cheated, sir?
Mr. Gierasch: I would prefer to keep the evidence to myself for the time being.
Rip Van Kelt: Can't you just throw out the old test and give us a new one?
Mr. Gierasch: And pretend that no one cheated? But someone did cheat. Whoever did this has robbed you of your honor. If I ignore it, he will have robbed me of mine as well. I leave it in your hands, gentlemen.

Dr. Bartram: You people are very... determined, aren't you?
David Green: Sometimes we have to be, sir.