Gerardo Escobar
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Gerardo Escobar (Character)
from Death and the Maiden (1994)

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Death and the Maiden (1994)
Gerardo Escobar: In a democracy, the midnight knock on the door can be friendly.

[first lines]
Gerardo Escobar: Are you quite sure you won't come in?
Dr. Roberto Miranda: No thanks, just want to get home after that.
Gerardo Escobar: Yeah, me too. Look, I'm really sorry for all the trouble I put you to.
Dr. Roberto Miranda: Yeah, no problem.
Gerardo Escobar: Well if I can't persuade you, why don't you come over some time. Thanks again, goodbye.
Gerardo Escobar: [returning again to the car] Ah, you now it's crazy, I never introduced myself. Gerardo Escobar.
Dr. Roberto Miranda: Dr. Roberto Miranda.
Gerardo Escobar: It's very nice to meet you. If you're ever passing...
Dr. Roberto Miranda: Escobar? The lawyer?
Gerardo Escobar: Yeah, that's right.

Gerardo Escobar: Just give me time. Give us time. I promise you, I'll *get* them for you. I'll bring you justice instead of a flat tire.

Dr. Roberto Miranda: It must be some kids out for a joyride.
Gerardo Escobar: No, this time I really do have something to apologize for. My wife took your car.
Dr. Roberto Miranda: She went out for a tire?

Gerardo Escobar: As long as you're holding the gun, we have nothing to discuss.
Paulina Escobar: On the contrary, the minute I give up the gun all discussion will end.

Dr. Roberto Miranda: She's mad, she needs therapy.
Gerardo Escobar: You *are* her therapy.

[last lines]
Gerardo Escobar: I can't do it Paulina. I just can't.