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Quotes for
Sue (Character)
from Rang De Basanti (2006)

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Rang De Basanti (2006)
Boy sitting on University steps: [Whistles] Which country, madam?
Sue: India, I hope!

Sue: My grandfather was right. He said when you come to India, it's love at first sight.

Sue: Will you guys act in my film?
Everybody: What?
Sue: Will you guys act in my film?
Sukhi: [Everybody laughs] Hey... why're you guys laughing? I'm the hero of her film!

Sue: Ask them once again.
[if Aslam, DJ, Siddharth will act in my film]
Sue: Please.
Sonia: So you won't rest until then, will you?
[Sue nods]
Sonia: Ok. But nobody will come.
DJ: [From the background] They will come. I will bring them. DJ da Promise!

Sue: Those four weeks
[of filming]
Sue: were the hardest days of my life. And the happiest.

Ajay Rathod: [Seeing everybody silent and serious after watching the documentary] Sue, I've never seen these people so serious. What have you done to my friends?
Sue: Nothing. Whatever it is, they're doing it themselves.

Sue: [Proposing a toast] To Ajay and Sonia. I wish they live happily forever. May the insanity and the romance never die.

Sue: As I watched DJ sleep that night, a funny thought occurred to me. Maybe DJ wasn't sleeping. Maybe none of them were. Maybe they were all waking up.