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Quotes for
Flight Lt. Ajay Rathod (Character)
from Rang De Basanti (2006)

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Rang De Basanti (2006)
Ajay Rathod: I'm proud of my country.
Karan: Really, exactly what are you proud of? The Poverty?
Aslam: No, he's proud of the Unemployment
Karan: Or are you proud of the Corruption?
Ajay Rathod: No country is perfect, Kran we have to work to make it perfect.
Karan: Tell you what Ajay, you go on trying to make this country perfect, once I get into a college, i'm pushing of to America, nothing's ever going to get better in this garbage dump.

Ajay Rathod: Hey wild people. Boys and girls, and behind the girls - Mr. Sukhi. I have a very special announcement.
[to Sonia]
Ajay Rathod: Ma'm if you have a li'l time
[takes out a ring from his pocket]
Ajay Rathod: Can I spend my whole life with you?
[clears his throat]
Ajay Rathod: Will you please marry me?

Ajay Rathod: [Enters the room where Sukhi, Aslam, Sue, Sonia, Sid, DJ just finished watching the documentary] Hey guys Whats up?
[Everybody is silent, with teary eyes- from the impact of their documentary]
Ajay Rathod: Uh-huh... Did someone die?

Ajay Rathod: [Seeing everybody silent and serious after watching the documentary] Sue, I've never seen these people so serious. What have you done to my friends?
Sue: Nothing. Whatever it is, they're doing it themselves.

Ajay Rathod: Laxman, you coming for the party, right?
Laxman Pandey: No... Some other time maybe.
Ajay Rathod: Hey come on. I'm leaving tomorrow.
Laxman Pandey: No, I'm not hungry.
Karan: Don't eat. But come.