Christina Beardsley
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Christina Beardsley (Character)
from Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)

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Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)
Jimi North: Now put your hands up in the air and wave them like you just don't care. And if you think that Kelly is the best let me hear you say "Oh, yeah!" "Oh, yeah!" Go Kelly! Go Kelly! The other team is...
Michael Beardsley: smelly!
Jimi North: They're quaking like they're...
Harry Beardsley: jelly!
Bina North, Marisa North: We've got sisters from...
Bina North, Marisa North: New Delhii!
Jimi North, Michael Beardsley, Harry Beardsley, Bina North, Marisa North, Dylan North, Christina Beardsley, Phoebe North, Naoko North, Joni North: Go Kelly! Go Kelly! The other team is smelly! They're quaking like they're jelly! We got sisters from New Delhi!
Jimi North: Go Kelly!

Phoebe North: -after being woke up by joni playing the Saxaphone badly-Why do I suddenly feel like I'm in prison?
Christina Beardsley: Have the fashion police caught up with you?
Lao North: Snap! Up top girlfriend!

Dylan North: [to William] Oh, Uh, have them catch you and Phoebe together?
Christina Beardsley: You are really sick!
Dylan North: Ok then have them catch "you" and Phoebe together?
Phoebe North: How about they catch me with my hands around your neck?

Dylan North: Two words, par and ty.
Dylan North: [Christina gives him wierd look] Party!
Christina Beardsley: Yeah, I got that.

Christina Beardsley: [Christina catches Phoebe and Nick kissing in a tree] What are you doing?
Phoebe North: Hey Christina.
Christina Beardsley: You lied to me, you said he was a loser!
Phoebe North: He is a loser.
Nick De Pietro: Hey!
Phoebe North: A very hot loser.
Nick De Pietro: Cool
Christina Beardsley: Thanks for the warning sis, I'll be sure to return the favor, first chance I get.
Nick De Pietro: She sounds sweet
[Phoebe looks at him odd]

William Beardsley: Okay, phase two. I think that we just need one more big thing to push them over the edge.
Dylan North: [to William] Have them catch you and Phoebe together?
Christina Beardsley: You're really sick.
Dylan North: [to Christina] Okay, then have them catch you and Phoebe together.
Phoebe North: How about they catch me with my hands around your neck?

Christina Beardsley: [on the phone] So that's Christina Beardsley.
Frank Beardsley: Christina!
Christina Beardsley: [on the phone] The zip is oh six three two oh.
Frank Beardsley: Christina! We just moved here, who could you possibly be talking to?
Christina Beardsley: Jay Crew. I want to make sure they change all my shipping information.
Frank Beardsley: Sound off.
Christina Beardsley: Three, four.

Frank Beardsley: So then I asked her to marry me.
Helen North: And I said "yes".
Frank's Kids: What?
Helen North: Oh, it was spontaneous and so romantic.
William Beardsley: You got married?
Christina Beardsley: Without telling us?
Frank Beardsley: Yeah, yeah.
William Beardsley: At least when you were re-assigned at Guam, there was an e-mail.

Christina Beardsley, Phoebe North: No way!
Mick North: Hey, Fiona. Come back. Get out. Come on.
Christina Beardsley: What is going on?
Mick North: Come on. Give it to me.
Christina Beardsley: [cell phone rings] Where's my cell phone?
[Pig burps]
Christina Beardsley: You are so dead!
Mick North: She's just a pig.
Christina Beardsley: Not the pig. You!

Christina Beardsley: [to Helen's kids] You guys are so dead!