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Veronica Cray (Character)
from "Agatha Christie's Poirot" (1989)

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"Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Hollow (#9.4)" (2004)
Veronica Cray: Are you saying you don't love me?
John Christow: You are a very, very alluring woman, Veronica, but I don't "love you," no.
Veronica Cray: I came all this way to find you; waiting in this ghastly hovel for the weekend you'd appear. You see, I knew if we could be just once more together... just one more...
John Christow: You? You planned it?
Veronica Cray: Oh, you belong to me, John. You're mine.
John Christow: When I was a young man, I WANTED you to share my life and you wouldn't do it!
Veronica Cray: Because MY career was so much more important than yours. I mean, anyone can be a "doctor"!
John Christow: You're a nasty piece of work...
[begins to walk away]
Veronica Cray: You leave me again and I really will make you sorry!
John Christow: So be it.
[long pause]
John Christow: Goodbye.
[walks out]
Veronica Cray: I hate you more than I thought I could hate anyone!
[throws whisky glass after him]