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Henrietta Savernake (Character)
from "Agatha Christie's Poirot" (1989)

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"Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Hollow (#9.4)" (2004)
Henrietta Savernake: What happens if you meet a criminal who is cleverer than you are yourself?
Hercule Poirot: This is not the highest probability, mademoiselle.

Henrietta Savernake: I wish I wasn't so dreadfully fond of you, Edward. It makes it so much harder to go on saying no.
Edward Angkatell: What you really mean is that you won't marry me becasue of John Christow. Why doesn't the fellow get a divorce?
Henrietta Savernake: Because!
Edward Angkatell: That's it, isn't it? If there were no John Christow in the world, you'd marry me...

John Christow: Would you give it all up, if I asked you to, and come and live with me?
Henrietta Savernake: No.
John Christow: No?
Henrietta Savernake: That's not really what you want.
John Christow: Couldn't you lie to me just once?
Henrietta Savernake: Why?
John Christow: Because I love you, Henrietta, but you're so... you're so detached. Your art, your cars, your friends... I want you to think only of me.
Henrietta Savernake: Isn't that what Gerda does?
John Christow: Don't tell me you care a damn about Gerda!
Henrietta Savernake: Why not? I like Gerda.

Henrietta Savernake: I'm not, Mr. Poirot, terribly truthful.
Hercule Poirot: No, but I think you have integrity.