Richard Chance
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Richard Chance (Character)
from To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)

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To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)
Ruth Lanier: How much do I get for the information I gave you on Waxman?
Richard Chance: No arrest, no money.
Ruth Lanier: It's my fault he's dead? It took me six months to get next to him. I got expenses, you know.
Richard Chance: Guess what? Uncle Sam don't give a shit about your expenses. You want bread, fuck a baker.

Richard Chance: I wanna get Rick Masters.
Carl Cody: I've taken four falls, I've never ratted anybody in my life, and I've had plenty of chances, believe me.
Richard Chance: Masters is your friend. I don't blame you, I would never hang up a friend. Anybody who would is a piece of shit. Thing is, your friend tried to have you iced.
Carl Cody: That doesn't mean I'm gonna roll over and play informer. If you're looking for a pigeon, go to the park.

Terrorist: I'm ready to die!
Richard Chance: Nobody's gonna die. Look, you and I are gonna go downstairs and talk.
Terrorist: Death to Israel and America, and all the enemies of Islam!

Richard Chance: If I was one of your asshole cronies, you'd be spread-eagled on your desk to do this for me!
Judge Filo Cedillo: Don't say something you'll regret later.

Richard Chance: I'm gonna bag Masters, and I don't give a shit how I do it.

Ruth Lanier: What would happen if I stopped giving you information on Masters?
Richard Chance: Why?
Ruth Lanier: I'm just curious.
Richard Chance: I'd have your parole revoked.

Richard Chance: You know what this is?
Thomas Ling: What's the game?
Richard Chance: It's no game. Just walk.
Thomas Ling: Why?
Richard Chance: Why? Because if you don't, I'll blow your fucking heart out.

Richard Chance: Can I talk to you for a minute?
Thomas Bateman: You must be a mind-reader. I was just going to call you. I have decided to let Vukovich work with you.
Richard Chance: Do I have a choice?
Thomas Bateman: Oh, is there someone else you'd prefer? You're welcome to fill out a Form 19, and list all the reasons you'd rather not work with him. Your info would be strictly confidential.

[Richard Chance is looking at the journal he took from Max Waxman's residence]
John Vukovich: It's a crime scene, buddy. The book is evidence. What if the cop remembers it's missing?
Richard Chance: Shit. The rookie couldn't remember what he saw. He wasn't in there long enough.

John Vukovich: We got an FBI agent killed. You hear that?
Richard Chance: What do you want me to do about it, John?
John Vukovich: It's just a matter of time before they fuckin' identify us. They got a good look at us.
Richard Chance: A face is bullshit without a name.
John Vukovich: They got a make on the car!
Richard Chance: Look, they would have sent it out over the teletype if they had anything. They're grabbing at shit.

Richard Chance: Quentin Dailey got 30 points they said. The guy's unbelievable, man. Say all you want about Michael Jordan, he's a great fuckin' ball player. But Quentin Dailey's got a gun like a howitzer, man. Thirty feet. Boom, boom, boom. He gets hot, he's fabulous.

Richard Chance: Where's the key?
Thomas Ling: I don't have it.
Richard Chance: He doesn't have it. What a guy!

Richard Chance: [to Vukovich] You ain't my partner! You ain't even my fucking friend. In fact, let me give you a little piece of advice: you better get your ass into protection, baby! Because you ain't shit on the streets! You understand that? You ain't got the nuts! Kiss my ass! Pussy motherfucker!

Richard Chance: Who are they?
Bianca Torres: Who are you?
Eric 'Rick' Masters: This is Mr. Jessup, whose name isn't really Jessup, wo says he's from Palm Springs but doesn't have a tan. You're not wired, are you?

Richard Chance: We're *on* with Masters tonight!

Ruth Lanier: I was reading about the stars. Talked about how the stars are the eyes of god. I think it's true, don't you?
Richard Chance: No, I don't.

Eric 'Rick' Masters: I've got a friend in Palm Springs, Lenne Green. He owns the Oasis. Do you know him?
Richard Chance: I got a friend in Hollywood, Donald Duck. You know him?

Richard Chance: [noticing a 'Do Not Enter - Wrong Way' street sign] We're going this way!

Richard Chance: Remember me? Football game at the airport?

John Vukovich: So now you want to commit a robbery?
Richard Chance: I wouldn't call it that.
John Vukovich: What would you call it?
Richard Chance: Taking down a douche bag who's trying to break the law.