Eric Masters
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Eric Masters (Character)
from To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)

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To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)
Eric 'Rick' Masters: How you making it?
Carl Cody: Like every other swinging dick in this place makes it. Day by motherfucking day.

Eric 'Rick' Masters: You have my word you won't have to do the whole nickel.
Carl Cody: What does that mean?
Eric 'Rick' Masters: Grimes is the best lawyer in the state. It'll either be an appeal bond or a sentence reduction.
Carl Cody: And the check is in the mail, and I love you, and I promise not to come in your mouth...

[Jim has been shot]
Jim Hart: Shitbag.
Eric 'Rick' Masters: Buddy, you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Eric 'Rick' Masters: First you rip me off, then you set up Carl, now you want to fuck my lady?
Max Waxman: Oh, man. She came on to me, man. I swear it.
Eric 'Rick' Masters: Oh, what a tragedy. I want my 600K.
Max Waxman: I didn't have anything to do with getting Cody set up...
Eric 'Rick' Masters: Do you know that your house is under surveillance? Do you know you're living like a fuckin' animal in the zoo?

Jeff Rice: Next time, there'll be no fuck-up.
Eric 'Rick' Masters: What next time?

Eric 'Rick' Masters: A 19th Century Cameroon, yes? Your taste is in your ass!
[shoots Waxman in the face]

Jeff Rice: Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!
Eric 'Rick' Masters: Hello Jeff.
Jeff Rice: What are you doing in my crib.
Eric 'Rick' Masters: You sent two assholes to do Cody and they blew it. I paid you half, I want it back.
Jeff Rice: Yeah, well uh... I'm trying to get that money back myself. I had to front the whole purchase to get my people to do their thing. So I ain't got any more.
Eric 'Rick' Masters: Well, then uh... you better try and shit 40 grand, because I ain't leaving without it.
Jeff Rice: I owe you Cody. Next time there be no fuck-up.
Eric 'Rick' Masters: What next time? He's in protective custody.
Jeff Rice: Hell, protective custody don't mean shit to me! The man's dead.
Eric 'Rick' Masters: In a pig's ass!

Eric 'Rick' Masters: I want my paper, Jeff. I can't afford to have it circulating right now.
Jeff Rice: I told you I don't have it.
Eric 'Rick' Masters: Get it.

Eric 'Rick' Masters: You broke your contract with me Jeff. Now, I don't know whether you're into it but you're gonna have to suck on this until you give me back my paper!

Eric 'Rick' Masters: Everybody knows Rick Masters won't go near a job without front money. You should also know that I never fucked a customer out of his front money. I've been coming to this gym three or four times a week for five years. I'm an easy man to find. My reputation speaks for itself. The fact is that if you can't come up with the front money you're not for real.

Richard Chance: Who are they?
Bianca Torres: Who are you?
Eric 'Rick' Masters: This is Mr. Jessup, whose name isn't really Jessup, wo says he's from Palm Springs but doesn't have a tan. You're not wired, are you?

Eric 'Rick' Masters: I've got a friend in Palm Springs, Lenne Green. He owns the Oasis. Do you know him?
Richard Chance: I got a friend in Hollywood, Donald Duck. You know him?

Eric 'Rick' Masters: [to Chance, who's posing as "Mr. Jessup"] Like your work!