Tina Sabatini
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Tina Sabatini (Character)
from The Freshman (1990)

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The Freshman (1990)
Clark Kellogg: What is the deal please? What is it? Am I some kind of a dupe? They looked through the Putnam Yearbook and they said, "Oh, here's a chump."
Tina Sabatini: Are you serious? A dupe? Do you think I'd be marrying a dupe? Everybody is talking about the job you are doing. It's all over town! Larry London called my father. Said how bright you were. How gentle. How perceptive. If you weren't all those things, do you think Vic would be out this afternoon getting you a gun permit?
Clark Kellogg: A gun permit? I don't need a gun permit!
Tina Sabatini: You have to have one if you're going to be carrying a gun. Clark, people are chasing you.

Clark Kellogg: So he just ripped it off? The Mona Lisa?
Tina Sabatini: The day it arrived here, I was like, nine. My Dad unwrapped it out of this huge crate. There was styrofoam, newspaper, everywhere. And suddenly, there it was. And he turned to me, I'll never forget this, and he said - "Now I'm happy, suga. Now I got the Mona Lisa."
Clark Kellogg: Is it safe here in Queens?
Tina Sabatini: [laughs] Oh, Clark. Oh, people don't steal things from my father.

Tina Sabatini: [Dancing to Nat King Cole's "Mona Lisa"] So, my Dad tells me your from Nebraska.
Clark Kellogg: Vermont.
Tina Sabatini: So, what do you think of New York?
Clark Kellogg: Oh, I stopped thinking. Twenty-four hours ago. I'm going on pure instinct.
Tina Sabatini: Well, that's what your supposed to do in New York.

Tina Sabatini: Listen, you made a commitment to my father. Nobody forced you.
Clark Kellogg: This is beyond commitment. This is like slavery. People telling me when and to whom I'm getting married.
Tina Sabatini: You don't want to marry me?

Clark Kellogg: It was all a set up from the beginning?
Tina Sabatini: Set up is so negative. Clark, there are so many levels to this thing, you can't imagine.

Tina Sabatini: I'm in my Sophomore year at the College of the Sacred Virgin. Don't laugh!