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Sergei 'Serge' Malatov (Character)
from "The Wire" (2002)

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"The Wire: Stray Rounds (#2.9)" (2003)
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: Did he have hands? Did he have a face? Yes?... then it wasn't us
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: ... idiot

Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: [on the phone] Did he have hands? Did he have a face? Yes? Then it wasn't us...
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: [laughs, hangs up the phone] ... idiot.

"The Wire: Bad Dreams (#2.11)" (2003)
FBI Spec. Agent Terrence 'Fitz' Fitzhugh: State your name.
[Serge says nothing]
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: No name, huh? Well, for now, we'll just call you Boris.
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: Boris. Why always Boris?

"The Wire: All Prologue (#2.6)" (2003)
[Sergei warns Nick outside Prop Joe's shop before their meeting]
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: Talk when I say. Not before.
[they walk in; Sergei spreads his arms when he sees Joe]
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: Tovarich.
Proposition Joe Stewart: Sergei. My nigga.
[he laughs, and they embrace]
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: You're losing weight.
Proposition Joe Stewart: Sheeeit!
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: You're down to nothing. In this country, supermarkets are cathedrals. I worry for you, buddy.
Proposition Joe Stewart: How your peoples, dawg?
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: Same. Good.
Proposition Joe Stewart: Hey, you talk to the man about that other thing, right? 'Cause I can get behind that bidness in a big way.
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: We'll talk. Later. Now, another business.
Proposition Joe Stewart: Right, right. This the man with the raggedy-ass Camaro.
Nickolas 'Nick' Sobotka: Wasn't mine, it was my cousin's. Wasn't all that raggedy.
[Sergei gives Nick a disapproving look, then turns to Joe]
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: Sorry. Nicky is with us. His cousin...
[he rolls his eyes and shakes his head, then shrugs]
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: ... but family cannot be helped.
Proposition Joe Stewart: Who you tellin'? I got muthafuckin' nephews and in-laws fuckin' all my shit up all the time, and it ain't like I can pop a cap in they ass and not hear about it Thanksgivin' time. For real, I'm livin' life with some burdensome niggas.
[he turns to Nick]
Proposition Joe Stewart: So what the fuck?
[Sergei motions for Nick to sit; he does]
Proposition Joe Stewart: You ain't pay my boy Cheese, and Cheese ain't payin' me, right? Now I ain't talkin' 'bout all the money in the world, but it ain't like Cheese be in a position out on that corner to let ya cuz exemplify shit, you feel? The man cut you some slack, and soon every fuckin'-up white boy be on his titty.
Nickolas 'Nick' Sobotka: We wanna pay what we owe. Twenty-seven, anyway. And we're gonna have it soon enough.
Sergei 'Serge' Malatov: Your man doubled it, though.
Nickolas 'Nick' Sobotka: He also burned the car. Now, the Blue Book on that Camaro is fifty-one.
Proposition Joe Stewart: [in disbelief] Now, let me understand. You gonna come up in here havin' fucked up a package, askin' me to tell Cheese, who you fucked it up on, to pay you out twenty-four hundred dollars?
Nickolas 'Nick' Sobotka: He gets to keep the Camaro.
Proposition Joe Stewart: [to Sergei] Just how good a friend is this muthafucka to y'all?
[Sergei shrugs. Joe motions to one of his men, who counts out a stack of bills; Joe passes the money to Nick]
Proposition Joe Stewart: The Cheese ain't gonna be happy havin' to pay me back, so I would advise y'all to give him some distance.
Nickolas 'Nick' Sobotka: Just so he don't come back on my cousin.
[Sergei motions him out]
Nickolas 'Nick' Sobotka: Anyway... thanks for bein' straight on this.
Proposition Joe Stewart: Fool, if it wasn't for Sergei here, you and ya cuz both would be cadaverous muthafuckas.