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Quotes for
Maurice 'Maury' Levy (Character)
from "The Wire" (2002)

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"The Wire: All Prologue (#2.6)" (2003)
Omar Little: That wasn't no attempt murder.
Maurice 'Maury' Levy: What was it, Mr. Little?
Omar Little: I shot the boy Mike-Mike in his hind parts, that all.
[Jury laughs]
Omar Little: Fixed it up so he couldn't sit right.
[Judge chuckles]
Maurice 'Maury' Levy: Why'd you shoot Mike-Mike in his, um, hind parts, Mr. Little?
Omar Little: Let's say we had a disagreement.
Maurice 'Maury' Levy: A disagreement over?
Omar Little: Well, you see, Mike-Mike thought he should keep that cocaine he was slingin' and the money he was makin' from slingin' it. I thought otherwise.

Maurice 'Maury' Levy: Why should we believe your testimony then? Why believe anything you say?
Omar Little: That's up to y'all, really.

Maurice 'Maury' Levy: You are amoral, are you not? You are feeding off the violence and the despair of the drug trade. You are stealing from those who themselves are stealing the lifeblood from our city. You are a parasite who leeches off...
Omar: Just like you, man.
Maurice 'Maury' Levy: ...the culture of drugs. Excuse me? What?
Omar: I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase. It's all in the game though, right?