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Former Mayor Clarence V. Royce (Character)
from "The Wire" (2002)

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"The Wire: Soft Eyes (#4.2)" (2006)
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: [after a subpoena for money records has been served] Because if some federal mothafucker comes walkin' through the door, I say hey, it's all in the game! But a city police, Baltimore City, Hell Naaaw, can't be happenin' because I know I done raised too much goddamn money for the Mayor and his ticket! Hell Naaaw, aint no soul in the world that fuckin' ungrateful!
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: Calm down Clay
[Davis interrupts]
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: Money Launderin' they gonna come talk to me about Money Launderin' in West Baltimore, SHIIIIT, Where do you think I'm gonna raise cash for the whole damn ticket! From Laundromats and shit, from some tiny ass korean groceries, you think I got time to ask a man why he given me money or where he gets his money from, I'll take any mothafucker's money if he given it away!
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: I don't wanna know
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: I know you don't wanna know, but Im scratchin' and clawin' to get it done for you Clarence, for you and me and the rest of the team and who comes through my door but a Baltimore City police lookin' to get up in my shit about everything!
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: [Trying to reassure Davis] We didn't know about this!
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: I'm sorry I gots to get up outta here before I lose my damn mind
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: Nobody knew about this!
State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis: [Leaving the Mayor's office] You wanna run a campaign with my money pillowed under your ass, you need yo people to back the fuck up Clarence!

"The Wire: Alliances (#4.5)" (2006)
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: I admit I've made some mistakes, Burrell being one of the biggest. But he's got a job for about 10 more days. After the primary, he's gone believe me. And that last stunt - pulling a detective.
State Delegate Odell Watkins: What'd you expect?
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: Not that, huh-uh. Hey, I had nothing to do with that nonsense.
State Delegate Odell Watkins: Now that's a straight-up lie. I was at that damn meeting when you told him "Slow the case down.".
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: I didn't mean...
State Delegate Odell Watkins: Who the hell knows what you mean anymore Clarence? Look at this.
[hands Clarence two campaign flyers]
State Delegate Odell Watkins: Look at it! You gave me your word on this. Your *word* Clarence! But here you are ticketed up with Eunetta in her best precincts and then ticketed up with my girl Daniels where she's running strong.
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: Odell, this is the first I've seen this. C'mon now! This is probably Eunetta's people pulling this shit.
State Delegate Odell Watkins: With a "Citizens for Royce" authority line? Eh, look at you Clarence. Just look at you. You've forgotten your agenda. You've forgotten your base! You think a shave and some Marcus Garvey posters are gonna get you over? Do you think that's gonna make up for jumping in bed with every damn developer? Shit. You're even on Clay Davis's tit.
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: Now don't you go getting all self-righteous with me Odell. Campaigns run on dollars - you know it.
State Delegate Odell Watkins: Whose dollars? Those sons of bitches you got around your card table every month feeding your kitty? Oh yeah, I know about that too. You... trouble with you - fuck you, Clarence. I'm gonna sit what's left of this one out. I'm gonna sit it out!
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: Sit it out. The primary?
State Delegate Odell Watkins: Sit it out!
[Odell starts to leave]
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: Odell! ODELL! Who the hell do you think you are huh? Come November, I'm still gonna be the only game in town! Odell, turn your back on me now, I won't forget it!
Chief of Staff Coleman Parker: We can't afford this! We need his organization on Tuesday, go after him!
Mayor Clarence V. Royce: Fuck that holier than thou motherfucker!