Det. Lester Freamon
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Det. Lester Freamon (Character)
from "The Wire" (2002)

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"The Wire: Hot Shots (#2.3)" (2003)
Chinese Seaman: [Speaking foreign language]
Moreland: Hey, hey.
Chinese Seaman: ...English.
Middle Eastern Seaman: No English.
Eastern European Seaman: ...English.
Arab Seaman: English...
Moreland: Kunta kinte, yabbdabba dabba do.
African Seaman: Huh...?
Freamon: Hah mishy gishy gushy gushy mishy meshy mushy, motherfucker.
African Seaman: Eh?
Freamon: Eh! Negro, you can not travel half way around the world and not speak any motherfuckin' English.
African Seaman: [Speaking foreign language]
Freamon: English, motherfucker!

Det. Lester Freamon: What did he call Cole?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Collateral damage.
Det. Lester Freamon: I'm feelin' pretty damn collateral myself, I gotta say.

Sgt. Jay Landsman: [to Officer Russell] For you I would suggest some pantsuits, perhaps muted in color, something to offset Detective Moreland's pinstripe lawyerly affectations and the brash tweedy impertinence of Detective Freamon. Rawls is watching on this one, let's at least pretend we got a fucking clue.
Freamon: Tweedy impertinence? I like that.

"The Wire: Undertow (#2.5)" (2003)
Det. Lester Freamon: Colonel, respectfully, did you just fuck me over without giving me even half a chance to clear this case?
Colonel William A. Rawls: [chuckles] Let's be clear, Det. Freamon. When I fuck you over, you'll know it. You'll be so goddamn certain, you won't need to ask the question.

Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: Cool Lester Smooth... hey, what's happenin'?
Det. Lester Freamon: Same fuck-ups in the same shit detail, workin' out of the same shithouse kind of office. You people lack for personal growth, you know that?

"The Wire: Slapstick (#3.9)" (2004)
Det. Lester Freamon: Hey, hey, hey. A life. A life, Jimmy, you know what that is? It's the shit that happens while you're waiting for moments that never come.

Det. Lester Freamon: The job will not save you, Jimmy.

"The Wire: Backwash (#2.7)" (2003)
Det. Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski: What if they're not sneaking anything off this time? What then?
Det. Lester Freamon: Ah then, tragically, you will have wasted yet another day in a life you've already misspent in the service of the City of Baltimore.

Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: Now look. We all got roles to play.
Det. Lester Freamon: What's your role?
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: I'm just a humble motherfucker with a big-ass dick.
Det. Lester Freamon: You give yourself too much credit.
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: OK, then. I ain't all that humble.

"The Wire: The Wire (#1.6)" (2002)
[last lines]
Lt. Cedric Daniels: The murder warrant's on hold. The deputy gave us another month. Also, whoever that was you brought in here today gave himself up as an eyewitness in the Gant murder.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Who, Omar?
Lt. Cedric Daniels: And Greggs said to tell you she'd write it up in the morning.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Lieutenant - thanks.
[McNulty leaves]
Det. Lester Freamon: It cost you?
[Daniels says nothing]

Det. Lester Freamon: We're building something here, detective. We're building it from scratch. All the pieces matter.

"The Wire: Reformation (#3.10)" (2004)
Det. Lester Freamon: Check this.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: That's Western District. What, Stringer's calling the Western?
Det. Lester Freamon: Maybe he's surrendering.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: After all the work we've done, I'd never forgive the son of a bitch.

"The Wire: Old Cases (#1.4)" (2002)
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: How long you been in the pawn shop unit?
Det. Lester Freamon: Thirteen years and four months.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Thirteen years?
Det. Lester Freamon: And four months.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: I gotta ask you, what exactly does a police officer assigned to the pawn shop unit do?
Det. Lester Freamon: You intake reports from registered pawn shops on all items valued over $50. Then you make an index card for that item. Then you file that index card. If someone wants to find out if something stolen has been pawned, we look to see if we have an index card. If we do, we do. If we don't, we don't.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: You did that for thirteen years?
Det. Lester Freamon: And four months.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Why'd you ask out of homicide?
Det. Lester Freamon: Wasn't no "ask" about it.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: You got the boot?
Det. Lester Freamon: Uh-huh.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: What'd you do to piss 'em off?
Det. Lester Freamon: Police work.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: I think I need to buy you a drink.
Det. Lester Freamon: Just one?

"The Wire: Stray Rounds (#2.9)" (2003)
Det. Lester Freamon: You do any accents? English, British, Scottish, something like that?
Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: [trying British accent] Crikey! I was looking to get a little hanky-panky and this one bloke gave me this number to call when I got across the pond.
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs: [laughs]
Det. Lester Freamon: [laughs] Work on it, son.

"The Wire: A New Day (#4.11)" (2006)
Det. Lester Freamon: This is a tomb. Lex is in there.

"The Wire: Late Editions (#5.9)" (2008)
Det. Lester Freamon: Drink with me, Jimmy! This is what you wanted, man!
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Then why do I feel like shit?
Det. Lester Freamon: Postpartum depression.

"The Wire: The Pager (#1.5)" (2002)
Freamon: I don't wanna go to no dance unless I can rub some tit.

"The Wire: Boys of Summer (#4.1)" (2006)
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland: The hell with Norris. You my real partner, Lester. My life partner.
Det. Lester Freamon: Don't tease, bitch.

"The Wire: Took (#5.7)" (2008)
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: The quicker we bring this in and shut it down, the safer we'll all be. I mean, Landsman wants me over to fucking Quantico, have the FBI do a profile.
Det. Lester Freamon: [laughs] You might learn something about yourself.

"The Wire: -30- (#5.10)" (2008)
Det. Lester Freamon: We could still go to jail. And if not, I'd expect to be back in the pawn shop unit and you, my brother, are gonna ride the boat.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: So what? It was worth it.
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: Wasn't it?
Det. Lester Freamon: Depends.

"The Wire: Cleaning Up (#1.12)" (2002)
Freamon: Ain't none of y'all ever been in the military? How do you learn a thirty-inch quick time?
[Nobody speaks]
Freamon: Draft dodging peace freaks, huh?

"The Wire: The Dickensian Aspect (#5.6)" (2008)
Det. Lester Freamon: McNulty, you are deserving of serious psychological study.

"The Wire: Game Day (#1.9)" (2002)
Det. Lester Freamon: You follow drugs, you get drug addicts and drug dealers. But you start to follow the money, and you don't know where the fuck it's gonna take you.

"The Wire: Hamsterdam (#3.4)" (2004)
Det. Lester Freamon: Seems that Stringer Bell is worse than a drug dealer . . .
Det. Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski: He's a developer.

"The Wire: Not for Attribution (#5.3)" (2008)
Det. Lester Freamon: Shit like this actually goes through your fucking brain?