Avon Barksdale
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Avon Barksdale (Character)
from "The Wire" (2002)

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"The Wire: Homecoming (#3.6)" (2004)
Avon Barksdale: How many corners do we need? How much money can a nigger make?
Avon Barksdale: More than a nigger can spend.
Russell 'Stringer' Bell: And then we ain't gonna be around to spend what we done made already.
Avon Barksdale: Shit, I ain't think I was gonna be around this long.

Avon Barksdale: Yeah, I ain't no suit-wearin' businessman like you. You know I'm just a gangsta, I suppose. And I want my corners.

Avon Barksdale: The game is the fuckin' game. Period.
Russell 'Stringer' Bell: Same as it ever was.

Dennis 'Cutty' Wise: The game ain't in me no more. None of it.
Avon Barksdale: But you ain't done shit else, you know what I'm sayin'? So what you gonna do?
Dennis 'Cutty' Wise: I don't know. But it can't be this.

"The Wire: Mission Accomplished (#3.12)" (2004)
Avon Barksdale: Fucked up, man. Ay... y'all ask me y'all ugly ass niggas shouldn't be in here fuckin' around with all these guns and shit...

"The Wire: The Pager (#1.5)" (2002)
Avon Barksdale: He scare you, don't he?
D'Angelo Barksdale: You know, I'm just sayin'...
Avon Barksdale: He scares me. Yeah. See, if he dead, you know, I could carry it better. Commin' up the way we did, you know, you kind of expect that. Waitin' on it. See, the thing is, you only got to fuck up once. Be a little slow, be a little late, just once. And how you ain't gonna never be slow? Never be late? You can't plan through no shit like this, man. It's life.

"The Wire: Game Day (#1.9)" (2002)
Avon Barksdale: Yo ref, yo ref, yo ref... what the fuck? The boy was fouled, clear, straight up... how you going to not call that?
Referee: Look, if you want I can put time back on the clock and replay it...
Avon Barksdale: Are you talking about a do-over, baby? Are you talking about a fucking do-over? That's not how the game is played. You can't do that! Fuck, can you believe this shit? This nigga talkin' about doin' it again!
Referee: Look, I don't want any trouble, okay...
Proposition Joe Stewart: Ain't going to be no trouble over no ball...
Avon Barksdale: Man, you supposed to be the ref, right? Why don't you stand up for your fuckin' self, you pussy! You can't just let any ol' motherfucking nigga get in your face... understand? Now walk away. Walk away. Turn around and walk the fuck away... ignorant motherfucker.
Proposition Joe Stewart: We cool?
Avon Barksdale: Yeah, we cool baby, you tell your people to come up here to the park Saturday at noon. Of course, you come on the West Side again, without a ball, I'm a light your ass up.

"The Wire: Port in a Storm (#2.12)" (2003)
Avon Barksdale: String, this ain't about your motherfucking business class either. It ain't that part of it. It's that other thing. The street. It's the street, always.