Vivian Van Damm
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Vivian Van Damm (Character)
from Mrs Henderson Presents (2005)

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Mrs Henderson Presents (2005)
Laura Henderson: Who on earth are you?
Leslie Pearkes: This is Vivian Van Damm.
Laura Henderson: Don't be silly. That's not a British name.
Vivian Van Damm: In actual fact, my father's a lawyer in Bishopsgate, although some of his ancestors are from Holland.
Laura Henderson: Oh, dear God, you're Jewish!
Vivian Van Damm: As it happens, I'm not.
Laura Henderson: Well, of course you are, dear. Just look at yourself.

Vivian Van Damm: Mustn't keep the Millerettes waiting.
Laura Henderson: Oh, that name is intolerable. It suggests midgets working in a factory.
Vivian Van Damm: Millettes sounds like a medical condition.

Bertie: What do you make of her?
Vivian Van Damm: She's beautiful.
Bertie: Yes.
Vivian Van Damm: But the nipples...
Bertie: Too large?
Vivian Van Damm: They're not British. Could be Italian. We must have British nipples.

Vivian Van Damm: She said it's not your fault. That can only mean one thing...
Laura Henderson: Which is?
Vivian Van Damm: That it is your fault!

Vivian Van Damm: Listen, everyone... We have no choice - the government is forcing us to close. One more light dimming in the heart of London.
Laura Henderson: He's turning into Winston again!

Laura Henderson: We have made rather a go at it, haven't we?
Vivian Van Damm: Yes. You're a very irritating woman, but I wouldn't have missed this for the world.
Laura Henderson: I feel quite the same - even though you're a very irritating man.

Vivian Van Damm: What you are suggesting isn't possible. That kind of thing isn't done here. Nudity? In England?

[last lines]
Vivian Van Damm: Listen you old battle-axe!
Laura Henderson: Don't you dare talk to me like that!