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Quotes for
Pascal (Character)
from Big Night (1996)

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Big Night (1996)
Pascal: A guy works all day, he don't want to look at his plate and ask, "What the fuck is this?" He wants to look at his plate, see a steak, and say "I like steak!"

Pascal: Bite your teeth into the ass of life.

Secondo: You know everything has just become... too much.
Pascal: Hey, hey, fucking guy! What this is: "too much"? HEY! It is never "too much"; it is only "not enough"! Bite your teeth into the ass of life and drag it to you! HEY!
Secondo: [pause] That is why I come here to you, you know...

Pascal: [greeting Secondo] Fucking Guy!

Pascal: Give people what they want, then later you can give them what you want.

Pascal: I am a businessman. I am anything I need to be at any time.

Pascal: God damn it, I should kill you! This is so fucking good I should kill you!

Pascal: He's a great investment, you know, your brother. You too, of course.
Secondo: You will never have my brother. He live in a world above you. What he has, and what he is, is real. *You* are nothing.