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Quotes for
Carl (Character)
from Meet the Robinsons (2007)

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Meet the Robinsons (2007)
Carl: Welcome back, little buddy. So, uh, what's up with the stolen time machine? Did you find it?
[Wilbur gives him a sarcastic look]
Carl: Apparently not. And you managed to bust this one as well!
Wilbur: It'll be fixed before dad gets home.
Carl: And how d'you suppose that's gonna hap...
[spots Lewis]
Carl: Who's that?
Lewis: Wow! A real robot! Hi, I'm Lewis!
[Carl runs screaming from the room]
Lewis: Well, that was unexpected.
[Wilbur quickly puts a fruit hat on Lewis's head]
Lewis: As... was that.
Wilbur: If my family finds out that I brought you from the past, they'll bury me alive and dance on my grave! I'M NOT EXAGGERATING! Well, yes I am, but that's not the point! The point is, your hair's a dead giveaway.
Lewis: Why would my hair be a dead giveaway?
Wilbur: That is an excellent question!
[begins to run away]
Lewis: Wait! Where are you going?
Wilbur: Another excellent question!

Carl: What do you mean don't go to the family? How can we not go to the family is this type of family crisis? By leaving the garage door unlocked, you let the time machine get stolen and now the entire time stream could be altered! That, and someone took my bike.
Wilbur: Look, I told you. It's gonna all work out.
[Wilbur has set up a model with figurines of Wilbur and Lewis]
Wilbur: First, he goes in the garage, away from everybody, I show up and give him the pep talk of the century.
[places an acorn on the table]
Wilbur: Then, he fixes the time machine...
Carl: Why is it an acorn?
Wilbur: I didn't have time to sculpt everything!

Wilbur: Wilbur Robinson never fails!... But on the slight chance that I do...
Carl: Slight chance, yeah, you know what, I'll run the numbers!
[pushes buttons and pulls levers on himself, papers start running out of his mouth; looks at the papers and gasps]
Wilbur: What is it?
Carl: Uh, well, it's not- it doesn't pertain to anything in partic- y'know, there's not necessarily go...
[Wilbur raises an eyebrow]
Carl: Uh, there's a 99.999999% chance that you won't exist.
Wilbur: What?
Carl: And I didn't want to tell you... But I did.
Wilbur: I won't exist?
Carl: And where does that leave me? Alone, rusting in a corner.
Wilbur: [pause] Nah. What am I worried about?

Carl: What about you taking him back to see his mum?
Wilbur: I just told him that to buy some time.
Carl: Oh yeah, can't see that one blowing up in your face!

Carl: None may enter lest they speak the royal password!
Wilbur: Carl, what are you talking about? We don't have a password.
Carl: Yes we do, I made one up while you were gone.

Carl: [after the dinosaur gets blasted with pizza dough from Uncle Art's flying saucer] Yup! This dino's deep dished!