Maneer Khan
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Maneer Khan (Character)
from East Is East (1999)

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East Is East (1999)
Meenah Khan: [Heard by Mrs Shah from outside, referring to the Shahs' daughters] Have you seen the state of them two? The one with the teeth's got a mustache like Dad.
Maneer Khan: Tariq's looks like Quasimodo.
Ella Khan: Kids eh. Were your two like that, Mrs. Shah?
Mrs. Shah: [Sternly] No. I believe in strict discipline. Especially in a NON-Pakistani environment.

Meenah Khan: Did you get a load of those two?
[meaning the Shahs' daughters]
Meenah Khan: The one with the teeth has got a mustache like Dad's!
Maneer Khan: Tariq's looks like Quasimodo.