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Guillermo (Character)
from The United States of Leland (2003)

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The United States of Leland (2003)
Guillermo: What you in for, dawg?
Leland: [stares out the window in silence]
Guillermo: Hey, I'm not asking you because I'm gonna kick your ass if you did some fucked up shit, because I already know you did some fucked up shit. Hey, a guy like me. You know he's in SH 'cause he ratted out some bitch from State Street. Now half the pop wants to stick a fucking pencil through his eye. Hey, but white boys ain't about that gang shit though, huh? Especially not white boys like you who don't look like no Slim Shady. White boys like you the ones who did some fucked up shit, huh?
Leland: [cContinues staring out the window in silence]
Guillermo: That's cool dawg

Guillermo: Hey Pearly, help me out here bro. I'm developing this theory, right, that the suicide rate of Venice is real low. 'Cause if you jump off a building, all your ass is gonna do is splash in a canal and shit, right?
Pearl Madison: [quietly laughs] OK, well, why don't we expand on that theory tomorrow?

Pearl Madison: You'll have to forgive Mr. Madison today, he's moving kinda slow. His head's hurting like it's the end of the world.
Guillermo: You been drinking that cheap ass burgundy, ain't you?
Pearl Madison: No comment.
Bengel: That stuff's gonna make you go blind, Sir.
Pearl Madison: Hey, 3 bucks, 2 liters. I couldn't pass it up.