Thomas Beckett
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Thomas Beckett (Character)
from Sniper (1993)

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Sniper 2 (2002) (V)
Thomas Beckett: This is a re-mission, of sin.

Deer Hunter: [Beckett was almost shot by a friend while hunting] I saw a deer, maybe.
Thomas Beckett: A deer, maybe? DO I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING DEER TO YOU, ASSWIPE?

Thomas Beckett: [to Cole] We're here to put a bullet in a man's head and let God sort it out. You better just pray we get our asses out of this country alive. All your dream shit, stops here.

Thomas Beckett: Let's move out into town.
Cole: That town's gotta be hot!
[Beckett turns around, looks at Cole, briefly looks at his watch, and looks back up at Cole]
Thomas Beckett: Now you look here, we have 30 minutes to our rendezvous, so either you go with me or without me.
Cole: [Whispers] Shit

Thomas Beckett: Every man that I killed could as easily have killed me.

[as Beckett has his sights on Valstoria, his vision gets blurry]
Cole: 'Sup?
Thomas Beckett: Nothing. Ready.
Cole: Are you sure?
Thomas Beckett: Just keep your eye on the scope and shut the fuck up!

Eckles: You beat out a Marine Corps rifle team and seven SWAT members.
Thomas Beckett: So? What are you, the awards committee?
Eckles: No, we need a sniper. A good one.
McKenna: The best.

Thomas Beckett: I am sick and tired of dealing with assholes who spend big bucks to shoot animals in cages.

[Beckett, Cole, Sophia, her brothers, and Pavel escape via van from the aftermath of a gunbattle in which Cole and Pavel were freed from Serb soldiers]
Thomas Beckett: [Looking at Pavel] Who the hell is he?
Cole: That's classified.
Thomas Beckett: Classified my ass! Get rid of him!
Cole: Calm down, Beckett.
Thomas Beckett: NO! We're on a mission, we're not here to make new friends.
Cole: Your mission is over. It ended when you killed Valstoria. This man is mine.
Thomas Beckett: What do you mean yours?
Cole: My mission: Get captured, find this man and bring him out of the country. Your mission was just a setup for mine. Come on now, don't act like this is the first time the government has ever fucked you over. You made it out. Why did you come back?
Thomas Beckett: I had my reasons.
Cole: Yeah? Well, I wouldn't have done the same for you.

Sniper (1993)
Cacique: Los ojos, quierro los ojos.
Richard Miller: He wants my eyes?
Thomas Beckett: Ah, he means antejos, your shooting glasses. Give them to him.
Richard Miller: Why?
Thomas Beckett: Because he likes them.

Thomas Beckett: Those Goddamn Cheesedicks are early!

Thomas Beckett: Don't take a piss. Bugs will swarm right up through your dick. Good night.

Richard Miller: When the "rush" is over, it hurts. Doesn't it?
Thomas Beckett: What you're feeling now ain't the worst pain. The worst thing is not feeling the hurt anymore.

Thomas Beckett: What's that?
Richard Miller: Got it out of the catalogue when I was with D.C. SWAT. We called it "Gucciflage".
Thomas Beckett: [laughs] "Gucciflage"?
Richard Miller: [smirks] Yeah.
Thomas Beckett: You gonna wear that?
Richard Miller: Yeah.
Thomas Beckett: Let me see it.
[gets handed the "Gucciflage", inspects it, stretches it out, and then flings it out the train window]
Richard Miller: [frustrated] Nice shot!
Thomas Beckett: Ain't no room for Peter Pan on this hunt. You wear Corporal Papich's tree tux that I gave you.
[looks out the window and fiddles with dog tags]
Richard Miller: What the hell are those for?
Thomas Beckett: Respect.

Thomas Beckett: One Shot. One Kill. No Exceptions.

Thomas Beckett: Let me tell ya somethin' - sittin' in an office giving men orders to kill is the same thing as puttin' a bullet in someone's heart yourself. The same. Goddamn. THING.

Richard Miller: [seeing El Cirujano for the first time] He's a fuckin' American!
Thomas Beckett: He's a fuckin' spook. Ex-CIA. I met him once up in El Salvador. Now he's an enforcer for the cocaine monkeys. I'll take out the lieutenant, you concentrate on him. Now put a fuckin' bullet through his heart.

Sniper 3 (2004) (V)
Beckett: Different kinds. Whenever I kill a man it's because he needs killing. I look at his life and if it adds up to nothing I take him out. But you, Finn, you got to liking it. I never did. What's this all about, Finn? How does it all end here?

Beckett: Best damn sniper rifle ever made, if you ask me.

Beckett: What the fuck are you looking at?

Beckett: [When the MPS enter Beckett's hotel room] If I wanted clowns to wake me up, I would've joined the circus.

Quan: Remember, one shot is probably all you get.
Beckett: One shot is all I need.

Beckett: This isn't war, Finnegan! This is madness!