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Sergei (Character)
from Ready to Wear (1994)

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Ready to Wear (1994)
Sergei: Don't turn around. Don't look at me. It's Sergio. Your Sergio. How much time has gone by? You're more beautiful than ever. I thought you were convinced that I was dead. How many years? 40? 42? How old were you?
Isabella de la Fontaine: Maybe 16 years old?
Sergei: 18, I think.
Isabella de la Fontaine: I was 15.
Sergei: You were my child bride.
Isabella de la Fontaine: We really were husband and wife
Sergei: [I remember] *not translated in subtitles*
Isabella de la Fontaine: And then - You left for Moscow on our wedding night.
Sergei: We were Communists. Remember?
Isabella de la Fontaine: You were a Communist. I was only 14 years old.