Margo Lane
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Margo Lane (Character)
from The Shadow (1994)

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The Shadow (1994)
Margo Lane: Oh, God I dreamed.
Lamont Cranston: So did I. What did you dream?
Margo Lane: I was lying naked on a beach in the South Seas. The tide was coming up to my toes. The sun was beating down. My skin hot and cool at the same time. It was wonderful. What was yours?
Lamont Cranston: I dreamed I tore all the skin off my face and was somebody else underneath.
Margo Lane: You have problems.
Lamont Cranston: I'm aware of that.

Margo Lane: We need each other.
Lamont Cranston: No we don't.
Margo Lane: We have a connection.
Lamont Cranston: No we don't.
Margo Lane: Then how can you explain that I can read your thoughts?
Lamont Cranston: My thoughts are hard to miss.
Margo Lane: And why is that?
Lamont Cranston: Psychically, I'm very well endowed.
Margo Lane: I'll bet you are.

Lamont Cranston: I'll see you later
Margo Lane: Hey, how'll you know where I am?
Lamont Cranston: I'll know

Dr. Reinhardt Lane: Oh what the heck, it's always green.
[starts to cut the red wire]
Margo Lane: NO!
[bomb deactivates, holds a green wire]
Margo Lane: That is red! THIS is green!

Margo Lane: [as Lamont walks away to become The Shadow] Wait! How will you know where I am?
Lamont Cranston: [turns to answer] *I'll* know!

The Shadow (1954) (TV)
Commissioner Weston: Good evening, Margot, Lamont. Sorry to walk in on you like this.
Lamont Cranston: We were on our way to the theater.
Margot Lane: We *are* on our way to the theater.
Commissioner Weston: Well, um...
Margot Lane: Aren't we?
Lamont Cranston: Hmm, I guess I owe the department something for that retainer they send me every month.

Lamont Cranston: We're going to need help on this, m'lady - help from an old friend.
Margot Lane: The Shadow?

Lamont Cranston: Very peculiar when you think about it.
Margot Lane: What is?
Lamont Cranston: That Cissy Chadwick should be wearing a cotton kimono to have dinner with her Number One Guy. Would she, taking for granted she's an average young woman?
Margot Lane: Of course, she wouldn't! Why didn't I think of that? Unless everything she owned was at the cleaners or she didn't have anything else to wear...