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Quotes for
Marty Phillips (Character)
from Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986)

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Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986)
Terry Doolittle: Drag the river! There are killers running around the fucking city!
Detective: How would you like me to wash your mouth out with a wire brush?
Terry Doolittle: How would you like if I kicked you in the nuts so hard they get lodged in your fucking nostrils?
Marty Phillips: My, that's a vivid image, isn't it?

Detective: Is she on some kind of medication?
Marty Phillips: Not that I know of. Are you on some kind of medication?
Terry Doolittle: Marty! You know, you can talk directly to me, asshole.

Marty Phillips: [noticing Terry's dress, which has recently been partially run through a shredder] Am I just square, or is there something wrong with your dress?
Terry Doolittle: [glares at him] I got moths. Big, mutant, junkie *moths*!
Marty Phillips: Jesus, Terry. You got a dead guy, you got cops, you got your apartment trashed... what are you getting involved in? What are you doing?
Terry Doolittle: I'm... winging it!
Marty Phillips: [exasperated] Oh, you're winging it!
Terry Doolittle: Yes, I'm winging it, Marty!
Marty Phillips: Well, that's great!
Terry Doolittle: Why, thank you!
[She herds him out the door]
Marty Phillips: Terry...
[She slams the door in his face]

Marty Phillips: [after shootout ensues and the criminals are apprehended] Anything you want me to tell Jack?
Terry Doolittle: Yeah. You can tell him not to forget our date.
Cynthia: All this is for a date?