Henry Davis
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Henry Davis (Character)
from Raising Helen (2004)

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Raising Helen (2004)
Sarah Davis: [about the turtle] Can you call it Hippo?
Henry Davis: Why do you call everything Hippo?
Sarah Davis: Because I can spell it!

Henry Davis: How'd he get past the visual security system?

Helen Harris: Audrey other people have to use the bathroom.
Henry Davis: [sarcastically] Fire, fire.

Sarah Davis: I want this bed!
Henry Davis: Look, for the tenth time, in the old house, I had this bed and you had that bed.
Sarah Davis: But I want THIS bed.
Henry Davis: That's it, Hippo goes out the window!
Sarah Davis: Followed by Irwin!

Henry Davis: [Helen lights a cigarette] It's going to be hard to take care of us if you're dead, too.

[last lines]
Henry Davis: It's about time, Sarah.