Audrey Davis
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Audrey Davis (Character)
from Raising Helen (2004)

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Raising Helen (2004)
Audrey Davis: You treat me like a child, I am not a child!
Helen Harris: Yes, you are, you are a child Audrey and you deserve a childhood and you should fight for it but if you wont, then I will. Now give me your fake I.D
Audrey Davis: Why?
Helen Harris: Because I said so. Give me your I.D.
Audrey Davis: [gets fake I.D. out of her purse and throws it at Helen]
Helen Harris: That was very adult of you.
Audrey Davis: [shouts] You tricked me! I thought you were on my side, but you're just like her.
Audrey Davis: [points at Aunt Jenny]
Audrey Davis: [shouts] I hate you, do you hear me, I hate you!
Helen Harris: Well, I guess we are just gonna have to learn to live with that.

Audrey Davis: What about lunch
Helen Harris: Eat it, its healthy
Audrey Davis: No, I mean we don't have any
Helen Harris: I'll take care of it

Audrey Davis: [Audrey asks after Jenny bursts into the motel room she is in with BZ] Aunt Jenny? What are you doing here? How did you find me?
Jenny Portman: You have ten seconds to get your things together and get in the car.
Jenny Portman: [to BZ who has just come out of the bathroom] Stay! Ten -...
Audrey Davis: You're not my mother, if you haven't noticed!
Jenny Portman: No! But I love you very much, and I will be your worst nightmare if you don't get in that car now! Seven, six...
BZ: But we're not ready to go yet.
Jenny Portman: Oh, you're not ready? Well... Well, are you ready for this?
[Jenny who is pregnant motions to her stomach]
Jenny Portman: I don't think so. Are you ready to be a parent? I don't think so!
Jenny Portman: [to Audrey] Four, three...
Audrey Davis: Are you happy? You've just ruined my entire life!
Jenny Portman: Well, we'll fix it later! Two...
[back to BZ]
Jenny Portman: You!
BZ: Chill out, Mommy.
Jenny Portman: Hey!
BZ: It's all good.
Jenny Portman: [cutting in] Don't you talk to me like that!
BZ: It's just a prom.
Jenny Portman: [cutting in more] You listen to me. If you ever so much as blink in her direction again, I can and will bury you so far in the ground that the heat from the earth's core will incinerate your sorry ass!

Audrey Davis: What is the matter with you? Don't you remember what it's like to be young?
Helen Harris: Of course I do... it was last Wednesday!

Helen Harris: Pastor Dan just asked me out.
Audrey Davis: That is so weird.
Pastor Dan Parker: I can hear you. I'm still here. Go inside and do that.