Kate Triton
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Kate Triton (Character)
from The Marine (2006)

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The Marine (2006)
Kate Triton: You're home!
[kisses John]
John Triton: [after making love to her] You all right?
Kate Triton: Yeah... yeah, I just - I can't believe you're here.
[kisses him and hugs him]
Kate Triton: You know the hardest thing... about you leaving was not knowing. You know, not knowing where you were... not knowing if you're coming home... not knowing if I'm gonna get that phone call saying that you wouldn't be.
John Triton: You married a marine, Kate.
Kate Triton: I know it's not gonna be easy for you, John. We'll figure it out together.
John Triton: I'm home now and I'm not goin' anywhere.
Kate Triton: Good. And speaking of that... are you sure about starting this job tomorrow?
John Triton: Oh!
Kate Triton: I just think there's so many other things you could be doing.
John Triton: If I sat around here all day, I'd go insane.
Kate Triton: I just want you to be happy, John.
John Triton: I am happy. Come on...
[picks her up]
Kate Triton: Oh! Geez... where are we going?
John Triton: To make me happy.